How a Mobile Marketing Survey can Improve Consumer Feedback

An entertaining Marketing Survey is the ideal way to capture instant feedback from consumers, during their experience with your product. Try our sample Marketing Survey via following link:

Capture in-the-moment feedback only a mobile survey can

A marketing survey taken by a customer or prospect while they’re experiencing your brand has always been the gold standard. It’s essential when introducing a new product in retail stores, or to organizers of a music concert or other mass event. Marketers are interested in what consumers and spectators think and feel when tasting a new candy or enjoying a music festival. A paper survey or a follow-up email survey days later can’t compare to mobile survey tools.

Get faster feedback with a mobile marketing survey

Survey Anyplace allows anyone to create mobile questionnaires, quizzes or contests for use in any marketing or survey effort. High response rates, fast data capture and instant reporting help marketing departments quickly tune their product offerings, and lets event organizers make timely adjustments as needed. These modern mobile market research methods are affordable tools that provide insights that traditionally can only be collected using expensive and time-consuming phone interviews, research communities and focus groups.

With a mobile marketing survey, brands can engage consumers in a more natural way. Instead of offering complaints or suggestions to a call center or postal address, consumers can provide their personal feedback immediately and effortlessly. Real time consumer engagement strengthens brand image, informs marketing efforts, and is a critical differentiator in highly competitive markets.

A mobile survey anyone with a smartphone can take

A made-for-mobile survey, quiz or contest from Survey Anyplace can be created in minutes, and automatically incorporates your corporate brand or concept style. With our template-based process, simply choose the types of questions you want to ask, write the questions and answers—even add audio, photos and video as desired.

Most people have mobile devices at arm’s length all day. And without needing to install an app, respondents to your marketing survey just taps and swipes to give you the feedback you need. HTML5 technology makes Survey Anyplace a ‘cross-device’ tool, operating smoothly on all smartphone types and platforms.

Whatever your business or industry, when putting together your marketing survey, remember to have a goal for the survey. Remembering the four Cs of survey design will increase your chances of getting your audience to respond to future efforts, too.

  1. Be Clear by telling the respondent exactly why you’re asking what you’re asking. They’ll appreciate being asked when they know how their information is going to be used.
  2. Be Clever and have a little fun. Be conversational. Use your customers’ language. Make them smile by adding audio and video into your survey. Ask them to rate things with our star, emoticons and sliders. It’ll all add up to a more engaged person willing to share more with you.
  3. Be Concise with short, well-worded questions. Use skip logic to limit the number of questions you have to ask a particular person, in that particular situation.
  4. Be Conscious of the person’s time. Don’t try to overdo it. Get the specific information you need, thank them and be done.

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