New features to Survey Anyplace

We designed Survey Anyplace with our users in mind. But we’re constantly soliciting and incorporating valuable feedback from users like you into an even better product.

Take a minute to read about the newest functions we’ve added. To those of you who contributed to these, thanks! If these are new to you, let us know how you like them.

Mandatory fields in the Intro Screen

From now on you can opt for a mandatory Name field and 3 customizable fields in the Intro Screen. In this case, these fields must be filled in to proceed with the survey or quiz. When they try to skip them, your respondents will see a customizable message explaining the importance of the required information.

Mandatory questions and answers

mobile survey mandatory question

Similar to above, you can make answering some or all of your questions mandatory, too. You’ll again present those who try to skip them with a custom message about that question’s importance, urging them to answer it.

Getting more info with increased character limits

Sometimes people have a lot of wisdom to impart to you! So we’ve more than doubled the character capacity of the open-ended questions’ answer fields, and of the free text field in single or multiple-choice questions. Your respondents will now have 600 characters to illuminate you!

Seeing your work as you go with a preview function

It’s nice to see how your survey is shaping up as you design it. So we added a Preview button to the top right of the screen. Keep in mind, the preview doesn’t record any responses, so close the preview window when you’re done admiring your handiwork.

Auto-fill Name and Custom Fields with URL parameters

By adding data into your survey invitation URL, you can automatically have the Name and Custom fields fill themselves in. You can also use URL parameters without displaying them in the survey. This allows you to append additional information to the survey – employee ID or customer ID, for example – that will be available in the survey results.

Including a Call-to-Action in the final screen

Mobile survey thank you screen

You can now link the “Final” button a user presses upon survey completion to a web-link of your choice. This is useful when you want to include a specific call-to-action for your respondents, such as visiting your website, your Facebook page or a specific landing page.

You can learn more about these new functions in our Support Center.

These improvements are ready now! All of which make the power of Survey Anyplace all the more powerful. Shoot us an email when you have an idea for improving how using Survey Anyplace can make it even easier for you to get the valuable in-the-moment feedback you need!

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