New version ahead. New payment options available.

We’re busy putting final touches on the next version of our software. It’ll have great new features that will dramatically enhance your respondents’ experience, including more question types, a single User Interface across all devices and improved reporting. Start planning now how you’ll use to your advantage the insights from more of your respondents!

New Payment options


We’ve had more than few requests from customers who want to pay through a bank transfer. We hear you! And we’re happy to introduce a reduced annual price, too. Here’s a run-down of your
ever-increasing financial options:

  • Customers using credit cards can now pay monthly or yearly.
  • Customers wanting to pay through a bank transfer can now do so on the annual-price plan.
  • Premium Plan customers pay $25/month, billed yearly (15% less).
  • High-Volume Plan customers pay $42/month, billed yearly (15% less).

That’s it for now. We hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as we are! We look forward to hearing how you’re using mobile surveys and quizzes, or challenging us to help you devise a creative way to engage your customers, employees…or both.

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