NPS Survey Template

The Net Promoter Score or NPS is a management tool used by companies to measure their customer loyalty by asking a single question: “How likely are you to recommend company X to a friend or colleague?” This template will help you:

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What is the NPS question?

To measure the Net Promoter Score, customers answer one, easy question “How likely are you to recommend company X to a friend or colleague?”

The answer options are arranged horizontally on a scale from 0-10. The answers that customers give are classified as follows:

Now, what’s a good NPS score? First of all, a good NPS score is much more than just a mere number. It’s a way to measure up against your competitors, an indicator of your current success, and it’s a way to gain insight into what your business can do better and where your business is headed. But in general ‘a positive score is a good NPS score’. This means your company is generating a lot of positive word-of-mouth from their referrals.

Important: the interpretation of a good NPS score is largely dependent on which industry benchmark it goes up against.

Tips on making a good NPS Survey

The main strength of this management tool is that it is so short and simple. Meaning there is probably not so much for you left to change in the template asides from the design. But here are some tips you’ll still want to know

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NPS Survey Template Sample

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NPS survey Format

As can be seen in the above sample, a good NPS survey is advised to contain the following elements:

It is important that the survey results can be quickly and efficiently collected. Sending the survey right after a purchase confirmation mail or in a banner on a landing page is a safe way to go, annoying the customer is the last thing you want to do. Using paper forms to conduct these types of surveys is also possible but you’ll likely get skewed results if you ask them face to face. Not to mention your audience will be a lot smaller and this will lead to your results being less reliable.

Tip: While the 11-point scale (0-10) remains the most popular option, the 7-point scale (1-7) is becoming more common. People are less likely to pick randomly on this scale. Researchers theorize that fewer options are less overwhelming and reduce random answers.

In addition, the unfamiliarity of a 7-point scale may throw people off guard, causing them to think before answering, which may make their answers more accurate.

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