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An offline quiz maker with unique features equals maximum engagement

Creating a snappy, offline quiz that respondents like to take? In just a few clicks the offline quiz maker will help you to:

  • Come up with an entertaining format, that you can style with tons of design templates.
  • Create engaging quizzes that, in return, get higher response rates.
  • Share questionnaires that are accessible online and offline. (Collect responses now, sync your data later!)
  • Bring your content to live, complete with bells and whistles (Images! Videos! Animations!) in a matter of minutes.

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Bye bye boring: Make your offline quiz stand out

A personal touch is what makes respondents respond to your brand. Add a bit of fun and you got their full attention! We’re not only talking about those nice little extras for your offline quiz that you crave – read: your logo, company colors and other customized brand elements – but also about those cool features that are right up your respondents’ alley:

  • Multimedia attributes like images, GIFs, audio and video.
  • Interactive templates (digital scratch cards,  shiny slot machines, gauges to indicate your score, you name it!).
  • Skip logic based on respondents’ previous questions, so they aren’t bothered by irrelevant questions.
  • Gamification elements like quiz timers and leaderboards.
  • Personalized end-messages and even follow-up email templates.

Whether you want to use your offline quiz as a data collection tool, as a brand awareness survey, or just to share engaging content… Survey Anyplace allows you to take each individual respondent’s experience into account and guarantees more and better feedback. Because quizzes are a two-way process.

Offline Quiz Maker Results

Why Offline Quizzes Actually Work

1. They deliver a playful, personalized experience: Working with features like Question Pool and Skip logic make for a great segmentation in how the quiz can be taken. Each respondent gets the feeling of a “personalized quiz”.

2. It stimulates human curiosity: “Will I do better than my colleagues?”, “What will my score be?” The fact that your audience learns something (about themselves) is a great little psychological reward.

3. Offline quizzes have an incredibly low threshold for participating: the added fun-factor and the short, more digestible blocks of content make anyone feel at ease. Add the offline-accessibility on any type of device and you can reach anyone you want!

Try our offline quiz maker for free & get instant access to tons of playful features!

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