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Bye bye boring: Make your offline quiz stand out

A personal touch is what makes people respond to your brand. Add a bit of fun and you got their full attention! We’re not only talking about those nice little extras for your offline quiz that you crave – read: your logo, company colors, and other customized brand elements – but also about those cool features that are right up your respondents’ alley:

Whether you want to use your offline quiz as a data collection tool, as a brand awareness survey, or just to share engaging content… Survey Anyplace allows you to take each individual respondent’s experience into account and guarantees more and better feedback. Because quizzes are a two-way process.

Offline Quiz Results

Use an offline quiz maker to:

personal interaction
Focus on personal interaction

Efficiently gather necessary info in your customers’ and prospects’ comfort zone.

survey reporting
In-the-moment feedback

Participants receive immediate feedback after answering the quiz questions.

offline quizzes
Offline functionalities

Collect data literally anywhere with our offline quizzes! Store your results locally and have them automatically uploaded as soon as you’re connected

quiz incentives
Add gamified and multi-media aspects

Increase engagement by adding gamified and multi-media aspects to your quiz: Everything from videos, selfie-uploads, to a digital scratch card or slot machine, will brighten an often ‘dry’ quiz.

Why Offline Quizzes Actually Work

Use a Lead Generation Quiz to:

Quizzes have been popular for some time now (thank you, Buzzfeed!), and now you can create your own quiz for your website, social media, or event. There are three main types of quizzes:

1. Scored Quizzes

2. Personality Quizzes

3. Assessments (Multiple Choice Quizzes)

You can make each of these with Survey Anyplace. Click here to learn how. Follow these steps to make your next quiz a success:

Step 1: Picking a quiz topic and title

Personality quizzes are the most common type of interactive quiz, holding nearly 80% of the market share for all quizzes created.

When coming up with a title for your personality quiz, it’s best to stick to some tried and tested quiz title templates:

1. The “Which ____ Are You?” title

2. The “What is Your ____?” title

Choose one of these two and customize it for your own quiz. This might seem like it’s taking all the creativity out of your quiz, but people take quizzes to learn about themselves, and if you set up a title that promises to do just that you’ll end up with more responses.

Step 2: Writing quiz questions

In a personality quiz, the questions are meant to help the quiz taker figure out which personality type they are. You are either A, B, C, or D. In a scored quiz you most often receive a score and give feedback on what was right and wrong. Assessments are often a combination of the two where an outcome is tied to a score. For example, you score high on A, low on B, which puts you in cat X.

If you write questions that are all obviously connected to the results that will take the mystery out of it. Instead, you should make questions that say “How well do you manage your energy?” and it’s on a productivity-style personality quiz so that’s somewhat related but not directly.

We also suggest limiting your quiz to a maximum of 15 questions, ideally even less to keep the respondent engaged from start to finish.

Step 3: presenting quiz results

Make quiz results that are unique, engaging, and informative. Teach them something about themselves, but also motivate them to take action. Whether it’s to improve or to exploit their talents better, there’s always an angle you can work to give valuable feedback.

Make sure each outcome or personality type is different. You can create as many different types as you need, but, in general, we recommend 4 to 6, each with a description that explains what it means and is reassuring to people who might be concerned about what their results mean.

The amazing thing about an interactive personality quiz is that respondents won’t have to wait for their results by email. All the calculations happen instantly in the background. People will receive feedback on the final screen of the quiz, in a downloadable PDF report, or in their inbox.

Try this offline quiz template

Want to use the above exmaple? Sign up and pick the “Language Proficiency Test Template”. After signing up, you can turn any quiz, survey, test or assessment into an offline one. Learn how the offline tool works.

Create your offline quiz in just a few clicks!

Try our offline quiz maker for free & get instant access to tons of playful features!