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    Creating the toughest question IN THE WORLD.

    Don’t panic.

    Training thumbs for endless Twitter scrolling, getting you the perfect tweets.

    Mark Zuckerberg sure is taking his time…

    Is this the perfect moment to get a snack?

    Currently, the English Wikipedia has over 5,277,053 articles. Let me find my reading glasses…

    Go ahead… Hold your breath!

    Screening cat videos on Facebook. For research. For your quiz. Obviously…

    Boo-ya! Generating your one-click masterpiece.

    One sec. Sharpening questions.

    Oh snap! Generating witty facts to inject into quiz.

    Knocking on Mr. Wikipedia’s door

    Behold! A surge of inspiration strikes.

    No tweets were hurt in the making of this quiz.

    There’s no charge for awesomeness.

    Fact: A day’s worth of tweets would fill a 10-million-page book. We’re reading as fast as we can, we swear!

    So… Does anyone actually read this?

    Warning: This will be awesome once it’s loaded.

    Yay! This quiz will be glorious.

    Hitting Your keyboard won’t make this faster. Bear with me.

    Directing and starring in a video to add to your quiz. Because, what’s wrong with being ambitious?

    Blah! What a day for a computer to have writer’s block.

    Doing the impossible basically.

    Uh-oh, a mild case of Wikipedia-distraction occurred.

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