An on pack promotion creates consumer engagement and valuable insights

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Consumers scanned the QR code or entered the URL into their mobile’s browser to get instant access to the survey. In a few swipes, they’d answered the questions and even uploaded pictures of how they use the mini marshmallows.
A demo version of the survey is available via following link: su.vc/ph2

A leading candy maker uses on pack promotions to get instant feedback when launching new products

An on pack promotion highlights a compelling contest or offer to attract attention and induce product trial on crowded retail shelves. Putting a promotion on the actual product package eliminates the cost and limitations of using in-store signage. Done correctly, creatively, this retail tactic can also be accomplished without having to reprint costly packaging.

Instant coupons and buy-one-get-one-free promotions have been the mainstays of package-based promos. But Astra Sweets, one of Europe’s leading candy makers, has taken on-pack engagement to another level, leveraging ever-present smartphones and tablets.

Using mobile surveys to increase the value of an on pack promo

People who are interacting with your product are valuable sources of information. An on pack promotion, by definition, uses the package itself to initiate the interaction – with both long-time, loyal customers and prospects alike. Traditional email surveys, on the other hand, depend on a database of existing email addresses, eliminating the chance of collecting feedback from new or prospective customers. And email reduces the likelihood that respondents will be taking your survey with package in hand.

“Asking customers who have our actual package in front of them was essential for this effort, ” say Eline van Muilwijk, Marketing Manager at Astra. “We wanted to ask consumers specific questions about our packaging for Frisia Mini Marshmallows. Using the candy box to invite them to give their input was much more effective than using the email surveys we’ve used in the past. We got insights and feedback about our packaging we could never have gotten with an email survey.”

Email surveys obviously require a database of email addresses to send to. But even with email addresses, there’s no way to ensure the respondent has access to the package during the survey. Without the package, their specific input about the packaging and graphics would have been based on memory, instead of real-time, first-hand experience. The immediacy of the on pack promotion, and using a mobile survey was one of the reasons Astra exceeded their expectations for this effort. “We were thrilled to get a 2.2% response rate, ” Muilwijk adds. An added bonus: Astra actually collected email addresses and other contact information during the survey, growing another marketing channel.

An easy-to-create, easy-to-take mobile survey was key to the success of Frisia’s promotion

“We love how easy it is to create a survey on the Survey Anyplace site, ” says Eline. “We uploaded the Frisia graphic elements we wanted, and they were incorporated into the mobile survey design automatically.” Eline’s team purposely kept the survey short and fun, to make taking the survey painless for their consumers. “Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet, ” she adds, “so using mobile surveys to get the information we needed made perfect sense.”

Instead of a costly reprint of Frisia packaging, van Muilwijk’s team printed 20, 000 inexpensive stickers that were adhered to the front of the candy pack. The black and white QR code looked out of place on the colourful package, but in a good way. “We really think the presence of the QR code signalled to consumers that there was something special going on, and helped draw their attention, ” she continues. To compel consumers to take the survey, Frisia would reward participants with a large box of their Mini Marshmallows.

To take the survey, consumers either scanned the QR code with their mobile device, or entered the URL into their mobile’s browser to get instant access to the survey. In a few swipes, they’d answered the questions and even entered answers to an open-ended question about how they use the mini marshmallows. Each respondent’s answers were uploaded instantly at the end of the survey. Frisia’s campaign was also independent of any retailer assistance, requiring no special in-store displays or signage, and no data-related retailer effort whatsoever. Frisia could track survey responses in real time and will use the information in future marketing and product development efforts.

on pack promotion results

Respondents were also encouraged to take a photo with their mobile device of how they like eating the mini marshmallows. “This provided an unprecedented way to ‘have a look’ into someone’s kitchen, or anywhere else he or she is eating them, ” van Muilwijk add. “It’s a seamless functionality only a mobile survey could offer, and these photos can be shared in social media, for yet another promotional bonus.”

“Using an on pack promotion, combined with the fact that our consumers nearly all have a smartphone or tablet, helped us not only implement the effort quickly, but also helped us collect incredibly useful information with a very limited budget, ” Eline says. “Survey Anyplace’s mobile surveys were the perfect solution, since consumers don’t have to install an app to take the survey. That was very important to us, which we’re sure had a lot to do with the great response rate as well as the high quality of the information we collected. We definitely plan to repeat this kind of promo in the future.”

Key Facts

  • 2.2% Response Rate (number of responses divided by number of packs shipped)
  • 97% of respondents leave e-mail address,
    10% take picture
  • No apps for respondents to install
  • 100% branded survey look
eline van muilwijk

“With Survey Anyplace, we’ve gotten insights that are impossible to get with online surveys or other methods.”

Eline Van Muilwijk, Marketing Manager Frisia


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