How to make a poll in minutes?

How to make a poll in a flash and make it interesting as well? Take the following tips to heart to achieve the highest response rates possible.

Anyone can make a poll these days. But creating a poll people actually find interesting enough to complete is another matter entirely. Still, coming up with a great poll that enables you to gather top-quality data is no rocket science – and it doesn’t have to take you ages to get it up and running either. Keep the following tips in mind to make an engaging poll with high response rates.

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make a poll that ticks all the boxes

Whether you’re looking to make an elaborate poll to measure brand loyalty or a simple questionnaire for school, make sure it meets the following criteria:

1 It has a clear objective

Evidently, the purpose of your poll is to gather data. And not just any data. You want data that answers a specific question. What do people think of your service? How can you improve your service? These questions may sound alike, but they require different sets of questions which are best divided over different surveys.

Tip: if you can summarize your entire poll in one question, you’re on the right track.

2 It’s short but sweet

Next to general demographic questions, make sure your poll only includes questions that lead to relevant information. A great poll is short but sweet, has skip logic, and uses the most effective types of questions.

3 It has your brand written all over

There’s something about branded polls … Seasoned poll creators and marketing professionals will rarely opt not to brand a survey, simply because a branded poll gives off a personal vibe that speaks to respondents. Is your poll not business-oriented? Then the layout still matters! Pick a colour scheme and a font and use it throughout to capture participants’ attention and keep them engaged.

4 It comes with an incentive

Not everyone likes taking part in surveys … But everybody loves a freebie! Including an incentive is crucial if you want your poll’s response rates to be as high as possible.

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