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Creating an online poll is super easy these days thanks to the many poll tools out there. But if you want the highest response rates possible and collect top-quality data, you need a tool that makes your poll stand out. Enter the Survey AnyPlace poll tool! With just a few clicks, you can add all the special features you need to keep your respondents engaged from the first question to the last, increasing your response rates up to 70 percent. No app install required. What’s more, you can try it out for free


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Don’t bore respondents with a bland-looking poll that seemingly takes forever to complete. Instead, use the Survey AnyPlace poll tool to create an entertaining poll they’ll actually have fun participating in.


Some tips to get your engaging poll started:


  • Add an interactive incentive in the form of a quirky digital scratch card.
  • Keep the poll short and conversational by applying skip logic.
  • Brand it! Polls with a customized lay-out gain higher response rates because they feel more personal.


Want to jazz up your poll even more? Discover all of our poll tool features!

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