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How a mobile quiz campaign can make your training unforgettable


Motivating employees and students for training requires a sustained effort. Making sure that courses are understood and put into practice is an even bigger challenge. But it can be done! Both fun and professional quizzes:

  • Boost interactivity and keep hold of attention
  • Increase knowledge retention by asking short questions over  longer periods of time
  • Can be taken anywhere: in class, or in your own time on a personal mobile device

Employees are far more likely to acquire all necessary skills – and remember them! – in a gamified environment.

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Use interactive training software and make your training worth remembering

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7 Reasons To Use Online Quizzes in Your Training Program

  • Make your training more memorable: The software allows you to work with images, animated gifs, sound fragments and even YouTube videos.
  • Take interactivity to a whole new level: Pre-define interactions with your trainees by adding information within your quizzes or create personalized end-screen based on their score, creatively implementing skip-logic, …
  • Motivate trainees to do better: You have the opportunity to add game-like elements (a realtime scoreboard for example) into your quizzes to motivate employees and students alike to compete.
  • Challenge trainees to apply their knowledge: Allow trainees to see their grades, ask them to take the quiz again if they did not get the desired score and show them the correct answers in the process.
  • Ensure knowledge retention over time: The tool is easy to use and flexible. By sending out short quizzes regularly, you make sure your training is still effective and applied after several months.
  • Easily check up on every single trainee when you want to: Test each trainee via their personal url, follow up on their progress in real time on a personal dashboard.
  • Start up a conversation: By displaying the results of a quiz or training in Presentation Mode, get instant results that can be discussed by the group.

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Engage Employees Before and During Their Training with Mobile Quizzes

Designing any training with a quiz software should ideally incorporate an up-to-the-minute assessment of the attendees’ knowledge, attitudes, biases and other factors. This allows trainers to design a training module that immediately feels relevant to most of the attendees—instead of covering basic information that the majority of your attendees might already know.

1. Start off with basic engagement-elements:

Mobile quizzes, surveys and voting-sessions provide an easy-to-take, easy-to-collect way to gauge the incoming trainees’ knowledge, but also personal insights that help trainers break the ice and connect with their audience. A few questions about the training topic, mixed in with a “how are you feeling today” question with corresponding emoticons, adds an engaging touch to an otherwise corporate function. Imagine displaying in real time during the training the collective emotional state of the audience, and using that to soften them up with humor or other personal transition.

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2. Let the tool take interactivity in your training to a whole new level:

During the training itself, the online quiz software allows you to use a continuation of the pre-training assessment as an in-progress check-up allows facilitators to make sure they’re imparting the information they need to. Importantly, these mid-stream assessments can be gamified to engage trainees, and reduce perceived seriousness, while helping trainers collect vital feedback.

Pre-define a whole range of personalized interactions with the quiz maker to help your trainees without you having to follow up constantly:

  • Add informative screens within your quizzes
  • Allow trainees to see their scores and go back to the questions to find out what the correct answers were
  • Redirect them to an additional course, to another page or a congratulation based on their score
  • Create email-templates with extra info, tips, a certificate, their scores … that’s sent out automatically as soon as they’ve taken the test
  • Reward high scores with an extra incentive

Make use of different kinds of media such as video, animated gifs, sound recordings, images, … that are fast to implement via the quiz tool. A great first step is to insert a fun video clip—from a popular movie or a viral video from YouTube, for example. Then relate that video to a training question. It’s a fun way to strengthen the trainer-trainee relationship and to bring your content across in a memorable way. Start up a discussion, keep scores or mix things up with a live voting session, to keep your audience engaged to the fullest. A live-view of the incoming results can be easily used in your courses with the Presentation Mode. With a screen that automatically refreshes and that can be adapted to show only the results you want to discuss, this is integrated into your classes in minutes!  Try a Presentation Mode example here.

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After The Training: Use Professional Quizzes to Help Employees Retain the Training

Making sure that employees retain the knowledge they acquired during a training session is as important as the training itself. Some studies report that after just one week the average employee has retained only 80% of what they were taught. That rate falls steadily until, months later, as little as 10 to 20% remains. Establishing a fun yet personal “Quiz Culture” can slow these rates between training sessions, immensely. This can be combined with interactive solutions like personalized emails after certain periods of time, giving access to new course-subjects,  rewarding good grades with an incentive, … You can individualize your monitoring, too, to assess a given employee’s knowledge. Survey Anyplace makes it easy to keep this connection subtle. Using fun ‘pop quizzes’ that entertain employees is a great way to assess their knowledge while establishing your corporate culture. Adding a prize component (free lunch, gift card, preferred parking) can increase the competitiveness and, in turn, the response rate. Taking an anonymous vote or survey, about any subject at any time, is a great way to stay engaged through the mobile quiz platform, while collecting up-to-the-minute employee feedback.

Turn Quizzes into an Entire E-learning Environment with our Campaigns feature.

Quiz software feature Campaigns

This Survey Anyplace quiz feature allows employees to use the same, personal URL to take a series of quizzes that:

  • Ask employees to recall information they learned during trainings
  • Ensure employees know what they need to fulfil their daily professional tasks
  • Entertain employees with photos, videos and audio embedded in questions
  • Allow quizzes to be taken on any mobile device, without the need to install an app
  • Create incentives with digital scratch cards, slot machines and other competitive elements
  • Let employees see all of their quiz scores in real time with an animated gauge
  • Allow employees to take quizzes in different languages
  • Enable teachers, trainers or HR and management to see who took which quizzes, and how they scored
  • Let trainers adapt future materials based on collective quiz result

Inspiring Sample Uses of Professional Quizzes

quiz software - Professional test

Create quizzes to test how employees remembered a training. An effective formula applied by clients such as DKV health insurance and energy supplier Eneco. Try an example. 

Quiz software - data collection quiz

Use quiz questions in data collection surveys to add a fun incentive and increase response rates. Try this example.

quiz software - Assessment Test

Create complete assessments to categorize respondents based on their score or responses. Discover this case.

“We continuously train and evaluate our 500  employees. Thanks to the quiz software by Survey Anyplace, the tests we take look modern and are interactive. A personalized url for each participant makes the automatically generated reports an administrative dream!”

Jan Verhofstede, Training Manager DKV

6 Effective Tips to Make Your Quizzes a Success

  1. Test before, during and after the training experience to get a clear view on progress
  2. Ask short questions and spread them over time: limit your questions to 4 or 5 to stimulate fast and thought-through answers
  3. Allow room for feedback with a short survey within your training campaign to get a good feel of what your trainees want and how you’re doing
  4. Make your quiz appealing! Make sure your brand or the identity of a certain campaign is visible in the lay out of your quiz. Work with little incentives like coupons, free lunch, … and implement them with widgets such as a digital scratch card or an animated slot machine .
  5. People try harder when it’s a competition. Take advantage of the competitive spirit of your trainees by adding a score board to the quiz. Increase this even more by making the scores shareable or combine it with a team-incentive.
  6. Everyone wants to be entertained. Make this quiz FUN. Let it feel like a game by asking your questions in a more playful manner, leave room for a little joke, incorporate mediafiles to capture the respondent’s attention and you’ll see your response rates and scores grow!

Your training is worth remembering

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