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Turn website visitors into leads

Create quizzes, assessments and surveys to capture visitors attention and turn them into leads. Offer them a highly personalized instant document tailored to their needs.

Look no further! This is the only tool that combines a lead capture questionnaire with highly personalized feedback or offer tailored to each individual.

With ReportR you create one-to-one experiences in the truest sense:
You, as a brand, speaking directly to each customer individually.

No coding. No integrations. No hassle.

Don’t worry about a complicated setup with multiple tools. ReportR is the only software around where you can create lead capture questionnaires that can generate a highly personalized report for each individual respondent.

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Generate reports with flexible content

No rigid PDF templates that cramp your style. Only show products, pricing, graphs or images tailored to each respondent’s needs.

Build content for multiple purposes

Not a tool with just one designation. Apart from lead capture quizzes, you can aslo use it to build a maturity assessment, lead generation quiz, price proposal calculator, self-assessment, …

ReportR - types of assessments
ReportR - custom made look and branding

A custom-feel at a fraction of the cost

No expensive or time-consuming process. Effortlessly integrate your branding and question logic in for an end result that looks like it was custom-built.

Instantly downloadable PDF reports

No need to scare respondents away by asking for their email. Respondents can download their personalized PDF instantly.


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Time to get started!

By 2020, 51% of people expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make personalized suggestions before they make personal contact.

Why lead capture forms with PDF reports are a winning combination

Instantly show your audience the value you can offer.
Without building complex funnels, but with the ease of an all-in-one tool.


Try this example

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between ReportR and the Enterprise plan is the PDF-builder, which is only included in ReportR. All Enterprise features are automatically included in ReportR. The PDF builder includes widgets such as Spider Charts, Column charts, flexible text blocks, etc. These building blocks can be included based on conditions that you predefined.

Not at all! Building a PDF with preset conditions as easy as building your first questionnaire. Standard design and content options are readily available. But if you feel like you want more than the standard features, and you have the technical knowledge, you can implement your own custom CSS.

Of course! Any scenario that involves asking a series of questions and giving a PDF report in return works. Think calculators, compasses, decision trees, forms that calculate a price proposal, quizzes that generate a personalized coupon, … Not even the sky is the limit!

Based on the number of PDF reports you plan on generating each month, and the number of admins you require, a personalized plan is calculated. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

We’d be glad to! 🙂 Tell us what you need: The first setup for your PDF template? Custom CSS to turn the basic design of the PDF into something tailor-made? Implementing the questions to build a logical assessment?

Leave your email via the contact us form and we can discuss your specific needs.

Nope! Everything to build your questionnaire with auto-generated PDF is available in the editor. No need for complex set-up procedures.


We don’t want to hold you back, though. You can easily connect with Hubspot, Salesforce, or any other integration if you want to.

Make your questionnaires more valuable with auto-generated PDF reports.

Get started with ReportR today!