Let respondents download a personalized PDF report right after taking your questionnaire

ReportR - auto-generated PDF reports gif
ReportR - auto-generated PDF reports gif

Let respondents download a personalized PDF report right after taking your questionnaire

Look no further!
This is the only tool that combines an assessment creator with a PDF generator in a single application

With ReportR you create one-to-one experiences in the true sense of the word.

As a brand, you address each customer personally.

No coding. No integrations. No hassle.

Don’t worry about complicated setup with multiple tools. ReportR is the only software around where you can create interactive questionnaires that also generate personalized reports per respondent.

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PDF report - Reportr

Generate reports with flexible content

No rigid PDF templates that cramp your style. Alternate between solid and variable text, graphs and images, based the answers of your respondent.

Build content for multiple purposes

Not a tool with just one designation. Build a maturity assessment, personality test, 360 assessment, competency quiz, self-assessment, …

ReportR - types of assessments
ReportR - custom made look and branding

A custom-feel at a fraction of the cost

No expensive or time-consuming process. Effortlessly integrate your branding and question logic in for an end result that looks like it was custom-built.

Instantly downloadable PDF reports

No need to scare respondents away by asking for their email. Let people download their personalized PDF with a download button at the end.

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Time to get started!
In 2020, 51% of individuals expect companies to anticipate their audience's needs and make personalized suggestions before contacting them.

Why assessments with PDF reports are a winning combination

Show your audience the added value you can offer.

Without building complex funnels, with a simple all-in-one tool.

Try this example:

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Make your questionnaires more valuable with auto-generated PDF reports.
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