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If you want your business to grow, it’s critical to keep your existing customers happy. From convenience to professionalism, satisfaction surveys can help you effectively gauge customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships.

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satisfaction template

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Why are satisfaction surveys important?

Customer satisfaction reflects people’s liking of a company. High levels of customer satisfaction (with pleasurable experiences) are strong predictors of customer retention and loyalty as well as product repurchase. Well-constructed satisfaction surveys provide the insights that are the foundation for creating and reinforcing pleasurable customer experiences. Determining Customer Satisfaction is crucial to your business because the cost of acquiring a new customer is usually 10x bigger than the cost of keeping one that already bought from you.

Customers expect things to go well, to receive what they are paying for, so they are less likely to talk about your service or product if all goes well, but if something is off, they are more likely to talk about this with other people about their bad experience which leads to bad publicity.

Bad experiences are the main reason for a high churn rate (up to 67%) but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain. The rest just leave. On the other hand, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people according to Esteban Kolsky.

So keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction is mandatory for your success as a business.

4 Tips to Perfect Your Satisfaction Survey

Quiz feedback
Ask the right questions

By using our template survey, you’ll have a head start in creating an optimized and user-friendly satisfaction survey.

learning style quiz responsive design
Responsive Design

Advanced design options make sure your surveys match your brand perfectly on every device, whether it’s your customer’s mobile phone or your own tablets.

personal interaction
Be conversational

Use your customers’ language. Make them smile by adding audio and video into your survey. It’ll all add up to a more engaged person willing to share more with you.

Assessment skip logic
Advanced Skip Logic

Advanced skip logic lets your customer take the quickest route through the survey by only showing questions that apply to them.

Types of customer satisfaction surveys

Depending on the main goal of the customer satisfaction survey, there are different types of implementations:

The questions on this type of survey will uncover how your customers feel about aspects of your product such as quality, the length of life, design, consistency, processability, and range of products. Another factor that can be revealed by this type of survey is the gap between the customer’s expectations and the real product quality.

Order delivery surveys are key for keeping an eye on the quality of your delivery service. You want to know for example if your clients have received their delivery on time and if the package was intact and not damaged during the transport.

What is your customers’ perception of the price they paid? You might want to ask questions about the perceived market price, total cost of use and value for money.

This type of customer satisfaction survey will reveal how your clients feel about key aspects of your staff and service. Starting with representative’s availability and knowledge, the reliability of returning calls,  courtesy from sales staff, friendliness of the sales staff, complaint resolution, responsiveness to inquiries, technical service and ending with the after sales service

The Net Promoter Score is a simple metric that is deeply concerned with one thing: gauging customer loyalty. The single most important question of NPS survey is: ‘How likely is it that you recommend [the company/website] to a friend?’. In addition, for a more detailed analysis, you can ask a follow-up question such as ‘How likely are you to buy again from [the company/website]?’ Read more about the NPS score.

Why use this Survey Anyplace example?

Did your customers find what they were looking for? Are they satisfied? Are you asking the right questions? This template will help you pick the right customer satisfaction survey questions that will get you actionable feedback.

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