8 Top Tips to Complement Your Email Marketing with Social Media

Being a marketer, you probably know very well how important and effective the social media could be for promotion. Furthermore, if you manage to combine social media with your email marketing strategy, you can maximize the results and get even more promotion for your business.

But why do exactly you need to combine them in the first place?

Why your email marketing should be complemented with social media

1. To find your key influencers

An influencer can aid your marketing a lot, but it might take some time to find one. It’s easier to do so when you have the social media sharing function enabled for your marketing campaign. Most of the email service providers have metrics on people who share your emails often. They can also say how exactly does this sharing influences the other key statistics important to you: open rates, clicks, conversions, and so on.

Therefore, you can use this data to identify the key influencers for your brand and to send them dedicated email campaigns if you find it necessary.

2. To build your email list


It’s important to have a big audience both on social media and on your email list. However, this audience doesn’t always match. That’s why it’s important to give them an opportunity to subscribe to you on other channels – and to increase the open rate of your emails, the clicks, and the conversions as well. Don’t have an email list yet? Here’s a great guide on how to build your email list from scratch.

3. To offer more options to your subscribers

Sure, your subscribers read your emails. However, they still might prefer to communicate with your brand through other channels (or through several ones). An email is a great tool and a great platform – but it’s still not the only one you can use.

Furthermore, this allows you to communicate with your audience in different ways, being more personal in your emails and more informative on social media.

Seems impressive, doesn’t it? So how exactly can you achieve that?

Eight ways to integrate social media into your email marketing

1. Incorporate social media posts in your emails

There’s a couple of ways to do so. You could either include them in your newsletter or do a social media digest specifically each week or month.

Why it’s important to do this? Because like it or not, your audience doesn’t see all your posts because of various reasons. It’s easy to miss a Facebook post when the feed is big and it’s even easier to miss a tweet from you. Therefore, by bringing social content to your emails you can drive the audience’s attention to the posts that might have slipped past them. You can also encourage your subscribers to join you on social media by doing so.

2. Include social media icons into your emails

Another way to drive attention to your social media accounts without being too straightforward about that is to simply include their icons in your emails. It’s just as important to make these icons easy to spot.

Social media in email signature

However, there’s no one way to place them in order to achieve maximum results. You can place them right at the beginning of your emails so they would be one of the first things to spot. You can place them in the end so you can finish your email with a call-to-action, encouraging the audience to subscribe.

The only way to find out how this would work best for your audience is to try different approaches and monitor the results. So be sure to spend some time on that.

3. Be real-time

If you want to make the most out of your social media strategy, you need to be on time. There’s no point in sharing the content that has been posted last month unless you write a follow-up to it or expand it in some way. And when it comes to content that responds to current trends and news, the expiration date is even shorter.

Always keep in mind that your content simply needs to be current and authentic. So if you plan on including social media content in your emails, pick the one that’s the freshest and relevant.

4. Try social media promotion

Let’s assume you’re running a promo-campaign on your website and informing your subscribers about it via emails. Why not go farther and include social media in that campaign – by encouraging your subscribers to share their reviews on your Facebook page or to share some photos on Instagram using a specific hashtag? This way those, who don’t follow you on social media will have more motivation to change that.

You can also share the results of your campaigns on social media and then include links to them in your emails. This would also be an effective way to drive the attention to your social media pages.

5. Try to get subscribers with the help of social media

Up until now, we were talking about how to use emails to drive the audience’s attention to your social media. But it works both ways, and so now it’s time to focus on another option.

Just like you can get more social media followers with the help of emails, you can find new subscribers on social media. All you need to do is ask nicely – or show them they could get something really valuable by doing so.

You probably know well enough about the tools that are used to get people to subscribe to your emails in the first place. Therefore, you can easily use one of those approaches, offering your social media followers some eBook or a PDF file, or a valuable guide in exchange for a subscription. You can also tell them they’ll get access to some premium content or to exclusive discounts by doing so.

6. Offer expert content

There are brands who tend to post about themselves only, be it the brand’s history, exclusive sales offers or news. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help build the audience. Sure, some might follow you to find out the latest news but most of your existing and potential followers would want some value for themselves.

So give them what they want. Don’t write about your brand only – instead, offer some researches, expert tips, posts that are informative and thoughtful. If you do need to make your content more brand-focused, create some useful case studies that are easy to read.

Your audience needs to know they will benefit from following you on social media or subscribing to your emails. So do your best to show them that with the help of your content.

7. Create a social media group for subscribers only

Social thumbs up

Let’s be honest: many people like to feel exclusive. You can make them feel this way and boost your audience at the same time if you create a social media group for those, who subscribe to your emails.

This group could share some extra information that you don’t post elsewhere, offer discounts and promo codes, or be focused on professional discussions. You can even offer free webinars or courses to people that join the group.

Want to use this opportunity to build the audience? Say that a person will be able to join the group only after emailing the information about the group to two or three friends. Of course, the content you offer needs to be really valuable to make this work. The courses would work great for that.

8. Encourage the engagement

It’s great when people recommend your products or services when they leave feedback and spread the word among their friends on social media. It’s extremely important to encourage such behavior – and you can do so with the help of your emails. Include their reviews, the hashtag searches, and other things into your emails. This won’t simply benefit your brand but will show your audience that you value their opinion, encouraging more feedback from them.

Of course, you can also share such feedback on social media as well: the effect will be similar.

As you see, there are plenty of ways to integrate your social media into your email marketing and vice versa. You can try all of them or try a couple of them, whatever feels the most comfortable for you. Just don’t forget to invest in the quality of your content, to be clear and honest with your audience and to offer them deals that are indeed good. This matters just as much as your marketing strategy.

Do you consider these tips useful? Or maybe you already integrate social media into email marketing? Please share your stories, tips, and thoughts in the comments below.

About the author:

Christina Battons is a web content expert from LA. Creative writer, she is able to connect various thoughts into a single theme. Christina loves to stay up on the latest content marketing trends, and her works have been published on custom-writings.net and other business resources. Connect with Christina on Twitter.


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