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Your Retail Store Challenges

Inefficient workflows slow you down

Endless paper forms, inflexible apps, chaotic Excel sheets that don’t allow picture uploads… Inefficient solutions cost your retail management team valuable time and leave room for costly mistakes. Not to mention a lack of insight into your retail business, as you wait for data to be analyzed and reports to be generated.

Our store checker app provides a user-friendly interface, instant reporting, and a standardized workflow to improve productivity and eliminate errors.

Slow analysis means missing out on quick wins

Field reps and store managers are responsible for the in-store execution and sales performance. But simply checking the boxes on a list of questions isn’t going to build the perfect shopping experience.

Live reports that can visualize the current results and compare them to benchmarks will deliver real-time insights. Improvements can be made on the spot!

Store managers need actionable tips, not numbers

Successful retail execution is more about coaching than monitoring. While numbers will provide insights, it’s actionable suggestions that will stimulate store managers to keep on improving.

A tool that shares audit results immediately, allows a store manager to self-assess and discover their highest and lowest scores. Or let a field representative discuss those scores with the store manager. Clear action points on the spot!

A Retail Auditor that's informative, not distracting

By allowing users to filter on their personal profile or region, and by providing access to only those things that are important will help your team to remain focused, improving quality and performance.

And while teams get a narrowed down focus, the collected data is available for more elaborate analysis and general insights needed by those in charge of operations.

Find out how Survey Anyplace tackles those challenges for you

Monitor all aspects of your retail stores & discuss live reports on the spot

With Survey Anyplace you can expect:


Everything in one place

In-the-moment insights with live retail reporting

Flexibility, made to meet your requirements

A Store Manager app with a user-friendly interface


Radically improve sales results of your stores with instant monitoring and coaching