Strategic Business Development Director

Who are we?

Survey Anyplace is a Belgian online software company. 

We develop and commercialise a unique application that companies use to create engaging questionnaires and personalized pdf reports.

We are now looking for an highly experienced Strategic Business Development Director to build and to develop a strategy around the expansion of our business presence in the US. The Strategic Business Development Director will work from our offices in Antwerp 

Some facts:

  • Business started in 2013
  • Offices in Antwerp – Belgium
  • Our customer base is widely spread over 50+ countries
  • Some international client names: Astra Zeneca, Tata, BNP Paribas, Swiss Post, CapGemini, Deloitte


There are many online questionnaire tools on the market. Many of these are focussing on market research and are very similar.  

We certainly did not want to become one of the “so many” and took a different route. Our team focuses on more advanced questionnaires where a bi-directional and a more engaging communication with your respondent is Key. 

We believe that this interaction is a way to get smarter answers from your respondents and a much better way to engage with them. 

The launch of ReportR in early 2019 has led to a rapid 60% revenue growth year after year. 

Respondents can now instantly download a pdf report with personalized content right after taking a questionnaire. 

With one and the same tool, our clients can now create both their online questionnaires and their personalized pdf reports. 

Without ReportR, this requires a custom-made solution or a manual process which is costing a lot of time, resources and money.  

Typical use cases for ReportR are:

What will you do?

We invest heavily in online marketing and collect many inbound sales leads. Most of our business is done via this sales channel. We now want to invest in new sales channels and more specifically in the US market. This is why we want to attract an experienced Strategic Business Development Director. He or she will have a strategic role in bringing Survey Anyplace to the next phase.

As our Strategic Business Development Director, you will:

What do you bring to the table?

What we offer


Contact Mark Penson ( with your resume and motivational letter.