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The StrengthsFinder quiz helps respondents identify their areas of strength. This helps participants, employees and managers understand where they are most likely to succeed and add value.

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What is a StrengthsFinder Quiz?

What are your strengths? In what areas can you provide the most value? In what areas will you find the most satisfaction? These are all questions that can be answered with a StrengthsFinders quiz. This quiz will identify your strengths in relation to strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing and executing.

There are 34 themes in the StrengthsFinder quiz:

Strategic Thinking

You are a thinker. When it comes to brainstorming and putting together ideas, you are the one who is able to reach solutions by thinking outside of the box. You know that life is a series of lessons, and you are excited to continually learn and apply your experiences into thoughtful strategies and ideas. 

The themes under strategic thinking include:

Relationship Building

This strength translates into the ability to connect with others. It means that you are able to work well with a variety of people in order to reach a goal. You understand others’ motivations, goals and experiences, and your ability to listen and empathize results in genuine, authentic relationships. 

The themes under relationship building include:


Are you talented at motivating others? Does your communication with your team lead to big wins and overall success? This means you are an influencer. You are essential in building up those around you and giving them the confidence and motivation to accomplish their goals. 

The themes under influencing include:


Some people are talkers or planners, but you are a doer. Your strength is your ability to get things done. When you have a goal, you focus all of your attention and energy into it and do whatever it takes to reach it. 

The themes under executing include:

Who benefits from a StrengthsFinder Quiz?

As a manager, knowing your team’s strengths will help you assign tasks and understand where each employee would create the most value for the business. However, it’s all about balance, so do not pigeonhole your team by only giving them tasks within their assigned strengths. They need to learn how to strengthen their weaknesses, too.

As an individual, it’s obviously helpful to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You want to better understand where you will find satisfaction and success in life due to your strengths. However, understanding the areas outside of these strengths will help you step outside of your comfort zone and become a more well-rounded worker and person.

Why use Survey Anyplace as a StrengthsFinder Quiz tool?

survey reporting
Personalized PDF Reports

The quiz will help you learn your strengths, but how do you truly understand them and what they mean? Survey Anyplace’s comprehensive PDF report provides analysis on how you can best use these strengths both professionally and personally.

Zapier Integration

Not only does this quiz show you your strengths, it also shares how to interact with others and their strengths. Why not share your strengths and learn about others? Use the Zapier integration to automatically transfer your data from the assessment to your favorite tools and apps.

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White Label Option

If you are implementing this quiz to learn about your employees, you want it to reflect your business. Make the quiz your own with Survey Anyplace’s White Label option, which removes our branding on your questionnaires.

StrengthsFinder Quiz Assessment Components
Adventurous Assessment Components

Personalize your respondent’s experience with Survey Anyplace’s assessment components such as Variable Scores per answer, Personalized Outcomes and an Animated Gauge to indicate results.

StrengthsFinder Quiz Questions

Strengthsfinder Quiz

Tips to create a great StrengthsFinder Quiz

  1. Keep your quiz succinct and short. Participants have a limited attention span in this busy world, so you don’t want them to lose focus with a long questionnaire. If it is going to be longer, make sure to tell respondents at the beginning of it, so they know what to expect.
  2. Don’t shy away from videos, images and GIFs in your quiz! They can help the respondents better understand the meaning of your questions – and make the quiz more interesting!
  3. Don’t make it seem as if one strength is more desirable than another. Each strength is important and helpful in its own way!

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