Survey Tool for iPad

Whether it’s in the form of online reviews or social media posting, your audience will look at your business and draw their own conclusions. Those are valuable feedback and insights! This information is critical to the success of your business. Our free survey software helps ensure that you get these insights while engaging with your audience and improving their brand experience. Use iPad surveys to:

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Powerful features let you get the most out of
your mobile survey

survey participation

The highest participation rates are achieved using mobile survey because of the convenience. Gather data anywhere, anytime

mobile customer satisfaction survey
Automatic responsive design

Automatic responsive design means that your quizzes and surveys will make the most of any screen.

survey branding

Custom colors, icons, and formats make sure your exit interview matches your brand identity. For more advanced branding option, check our white label solution.

Assessment skip logic
Advanced Skip Logic

Advanced skip logic lets your respondent take the quickest route through the survey by only showing questions that apply to him.

Engaged Audiences, Higher Survey Response Rates

If you want honest, quality answers from a large number of respondents, you’ll need them to be engaged with your survey. That could mean offering rewards for completion, ensuring they’re visually appealing or even creating surveys that are simply fun to fill out. Without an engaging survey to hold respondents’ interest, your response rates will decline, along with the quality of your answers. One of the easiest incentives to offer is an interactive and enjoyable survey-taking experience. This alone typically increases survey response rates by 15-30%. Those percentages can go even higher when other specific incentives like prize drawings or discounts are offered. Another critical aspect of quality customer data is when it’s collected. The information you collect with your survey will be richer and have greater validity if it’s gathered immediately after experiencing a product, service, or event. iPad surveys offer that immediacy.

Why iPad surveys are effective

There are plenty of free survey tools available online, like SurveyGizmo or Zoho Survey. While they technically run on iPad, they lack more powerful iPad survey tool features such as offline responses and swiping through questions. An iPad can be an excellent offline and online survey tool when combined with software that’s built specifically to work beautifully on this platform. For good reason, these devices have changed the tablet market forever, as they offer several key advantages:

By either setting an iPad up at a fixed kiosk or passing it along to a responder, iPad surveys offer immediate feedback that’s translated into solid data.

Which survey tools are better? Native Apps or HTML5?

Whether to build a custom native app or build an online survey tool using HTML5 is a common question for businesses today. In terms of the features and customization available, apps offer definite advantages. They can also access the full range of features on most devices more easily. However, this all comes at a cost. Native apps are comparatively expensive to develop. While HTML5 has been catching up in features, it still offers a very affordable option for developers who don’t want customers to have to install a full app. For our survey platform, we’ve chosen to develop survey tools with HTML5 because it provides an app-like experience, along with all the functions a good survey application requires. Additionally, it increases survey response rates by not requiring respondents to install an app.

Kiosk Mode: Security & Ease of Use for Offline Event Surveys

With our platform’s kiosk mode using iOS guided access, it’s easy to lock the device into the survey, so that only the survey content is accessible. That means there’s no way for respondents to access any other applications or data on the iPad. They can only access the survey you’ve created for them, meaning that the interface is simple and distraction-free – making this one of the best survey tools for research ‘in the field’.

Sample uses of iPad surveys

With the tool’s ability to monitor results in real time, you can act on the information you’re gathering with your surveys as soon as you receive it! You can use the surveys to:

Powerful Survey Tools Designed for iPad

The ease of creating applications with HTML5 is great, but only when it comes with all the features your business needs. Here are some key ones:

Today’s HTML5 is capable of offering all of these features, resulting in surveys that are more affordable and uniquely engaging.

iPad Survey Example

Create a first survey in just a few clicks