Free Online Survey Tool for Students

Whether you’re in high school or in college, sooner or later you have to do research. There are plenty of survey tools out there, which help you on your way.
But to make the most of those, more often than not, you need a paying version. Not with Survey Anyplace, we offer students our survey tool for free in return for their honest feedback. Because education is already expensive enough as it is.

This quiz maker for teachers and students is completely free.

Claim your free professional plan in 3 easy steps!

1. Push the “Create an account” button below and register with your student email

2. Send an email to with the subject line: “Student professional plan”

3. Nope, that’s all, by now you’ve received your free upgrade to the Professional plan

(This offer applies to both STUDENTS and TEACHERS)

Use an online questionnaire to:

  • Get feedback using the latest mobile technology and devices
  • Gain quick and accurate insights, by asking short, simple questions
  • Use interactive elements to gather all the responses your need for your research

Get started with templates built for mobile, ready-to-use and fully branded with a single click

Market Research Template

Simply select the template from the template overview when creating a new survey and personalize the questions to your specific needs. Upload your logo and a single click will set our color detector at work to brand your survey with the correct colors. Respondents are able to use their own mobile devices to take your surveys, in the moments that it really matters. Review results immediately within the tool and download them any time for deeper analysis.