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Looking for the best tool to create a captivating survey? Then look no further. Survey Anyplace offers just the thing you need! Our survey tool is easy-peasy to use: all it takes is a few clicks and your survey is good to go. Mind you, you won’t be launching just any ol’ survey. Using the Survey Anyplace tool means you can create attractive surveys respondents will actually have fun completing. Bells, whistles and high response rates guaranteed! And you get a free trial to boot. Read on to learn more about the many exciting features you’ll get to try out.

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The tool that makes surveys fun

“Yay, another survey!”, said virtually no one ever. While creating an online survey these days is child’s play, getting respondents to complete the entire thing is another question entirely. Unless you create your survey using the Survey Anyplace tool, that is. Check out some of the entertaining features you can use to spice up your survey faster than you can say ‘survey tool’:


  • ‘everyone-wins-a-prize’ widgets (digital scratch cards, animated slot machines, …)
  • sharp images and graphs
  • videos
  • playful animations
  • individualized follow-up features (to track your respondents’ progress individually)


By the way: any survey you create using the Survey Anyplace tool is entirely responsive! That’s right: your survey is going to look awesome no matter what.

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