SurveyMonkey Alternative

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for an online survey solution that is not SurveyMonkey.

While SurveyMonkey and Survey Anyplace share a few similarities, there are some distinct differences between the two:

  • Difference #1: SurveyMonkey is designed for researchers while Survey Anyplace is designed for marketing and HR professionals
  • Difference #2: Survey Anyplace focuses not only on collecting data, but on returning valuable insights to the respondents. We believe that a conversation is the best way to collect data.
  • Difference #3: Customers can take SurveyMonkey’s branding off of their surveys with the higher paying plans. Survey Anyplace offers customer branding starting with its lowest paying plan.
  • Difference #4: Survey Anyplace is a flexible platform where customers can ask to have add-ons developed specifically for them. This can include tailored question types, specific design requirements and/or integrations with existing systems.

SurveyMonkey Alternative

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for an online survey solution that is not SurveyMonkey. While SurveyMonkey and Survey Anyplace share a few similarities, there are some distinct differences between the two!

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Difference #1: HR vs Market Research

SurveyMonkey is primarily built for researchers while Survey Anyplace, however also usable in market research, is better suited for marketing teams, consulting and HR professionals.

For example, one of our HR clients uses Survey Anyplace not just as a personality testing tool, but as their one stop shop. We offer a solution where clients already have some knowledge and tools, but we take it them to the next level by offering additional consulting.

The difference in focus also translates to how we do reporting. SurveyMonkey has quite powerful reporting and dashboards by default, but we offer integrations with any Business Intelligence tool to visualize your data as you please. Combine that with a strong PDF report builder and you can return value to both your company as well as the respondent. This two-way system of feedback plays a central role in nearly all of our HR and consulting clients as we’ll see in the next paragraph.

This means we do not offer a panel service – it’s quite expensive in SurveyMonkey – but they have a wide audience and panels are more often used in research studies.

Difference #2: Personalized Feedback

At Survey Anyplace, we believe that the most important part of an assessment is what you learn from it. That is why we provide in-depth insights for respondents at the end of our questionnaires instead of merely a recap of answers. With Survey Anyplace’s Outcomes feature, you can share advice based on the respondent’s answers on personality quizzes and business assessments. 

It’s important to keep your respondents engaged and focused. That’s why we make sure our assessments are conversational. Surveys shouldn’t be a one-way conversation where the respondent has a bunch of complicated or uninteresting jargon thrown at them. Instead, we want to help you create questionnaires where your participants feel like they are in conversation with you – learning more about themselves or your business.

This point-of-view lead to the creation of ReportR. ReportR provides you with the option of adding even more value to your questionnaire as it enables respondents to immediately download a personalized PDF report with insights into their answers. ReportR is the only software that combines questionnaire creation and PDF generation in a single tool.

Culture Assessment

All of this is made possible with Custom Scoring. This feature enables questionnaire creators to assign a score for each answer on the assessment. Once it is finished, an overall score is calculated, which results in accurate ratings and detailed analyses based off of the respondent’s answers.

Difference #3: Custom Branding and Design

By default, Surveymonkey offers a clean minimalistic design, whereas the Survey Anyplace design is a bit more visually aesthetic and appealing. This is most likely a result of our difference in focus (see difference #1)SurveyMonkey example:

Survey Monkey screenshot

This design is very minimalistic, yet professional. It’s short, direct and to the point. Perfect to be used in scientific research where there’s little room for creativity. Compare this to Survey Anyplace’s DISC Assessment:

Disc Assessment

The difference could not be bigger. Your options to design an engaging survey with Survey Anyplace are endless!

Still, you’re busy, you don’t have all day to sort through a million options to make an interactive, engaging questionnaire. That’s why Survey Anyplace focuses on providing an easy-to-use platform. We don’t want you to have to spend days designing and adding integrations; instead, make your questionnaire using one of our many templates, or start from scratch and follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new assessment
  2. Write the Intro screen
  3. Add assessment questions
  4. Edit the design
  5. Create Outcomes
  6. Add custom scores
  7. Share your assessment

When creating an online survey, you want it to look as professional as possible. More importantly, you want it to reflect your business, its beliefs and values. That’s why Survey Anyplace provides the possibility to remove Survey Anyplace branding with all its paid plans instead of its most expensive ones. Our design features also enable you to add your company colors, fonts and logo. 

Difference #4: Flexibility

As often is the case, smaller companies are more agile and nimble when it comes to accommodating clients. 

We go the extra mile. We don’t just help them get started, we guide and give them advice beyond the point, how can they grow as a business. We don’t have clients – we have partners.

That’s because we are not afraid to take on custom development, as it brings new features to our tool and it opens up new ideas. Taking on these challenges has brought us to where we are today. SurveyMonkey doesn’t do custom development or additional services. 

In regards to integrations, they are largely standardized with SurveyMonkey, they cherry picked a couple of decent integrations, such as salesforce or sharepoint, but on the flip side they lock you in. 

We try to be more open. Survey Anyplace allows you to integrate with pretty much any tool, either via webhooks or via our Zapier integration. Survey Anyplace also offers reverse integrations, where you can bring in data or instructions from a third party tool into your questionnaire. Our tool often serves as a hub. It exists in a mix together with other tools.

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