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How to Use a Marketing Assessment as a Lead Magnet for your Agency [Case Study]
Written June 04, 2021, by Iris De Geest
People’s marketing skills are not as strong as they think. Boot Camp Digital uses a marketing assessment to show the need for marketing training, through personal scoring and recommendations.
6 Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader using a Maturity Assessment [Case Study]
Written May 10, 2021, by Iris De Geest
Thought leaders are the influencers of the business world. Right? Then you’re probably curious how to become a thought leader in your industry.If you want to become a thought leader, you need to find a way to prove your expertise to your audience. Ksawery...

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Quiz Marketing: "My Cost per Lead is 25% of What Every Marketer Tells Me It Should Be" [Case Study]
Written July 10, 2020, by Iris De Geest
Quiz marketing is an important part of Krister Ungerböck's marketing strategy. He and his marketing agency use a quiz to build their email marketing list to redirect people into targeted landing pages. By segmenting his audience into different buyer persona...
How to Market your Consulting Business using Assessments [Case Study]
Written July 01, 2020, by Iris De Geest
Resologics helps organizations and people within those organizations be heard and resolve conflicts at the earliest possible stage. They act as a confidente and a trusted resource for folks within organizations to help them, and it’s been quite a journey.  To...
Financial Assessments to Deliver Tailored Advice at Scale [Case Study]
Written June 10, 2020, by Iris De Geest
Atlas Point helps financial advisors and individual investors have better financial conversations with their clients. To deliver financial advice at scale, they called in the help of Survey Anyplace to digitalize financial virtues assessments. Atlas...
Employee Well-Being: From Measuring to Advice to Action [Case Study]
Written May 20, 2020, by Iris De Geest
Better Minds at Work helps organizations to improve the employee well-being and mental resilience. They do this through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and coaching by their group of top-notch experts, like neuropsychologist dr. Elke...

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