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9 Best Landing Page Builders & Design Examples for Inspiration
Written November 19, 2021, by Mark Penson
Getting online leads comes down to simply building high-converting, quality landing pages. Here's a comparative list of the best tools that made the cut.
How Surveys Can Improve Your SEO and Content Strategy
Written February 27, 2020, by Guest Author
As marketers, we try to get inside the heads of our audience. By collecting and analyzing marketing data, we’re actually trying to understand the behavior of our visitors and customers. Our daily marketing functions rely on this data because it allows...

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How to Use Surveys to Improve the Impact of Your Case Studies
Written July 04, 2019, by Nico Prins
Case studies are one of the most effective ways to turn hesitant leads into customers. Some people even go as far as saying that a good case study is as effective as a personal recommendation. Yet the problem is that because case studies are a chance...
Best Marketing Automation Software Compilation: The 7 Best Tools
Written June 27, 2019, by Jnana Rao
The marketing automation industry is expected to touch $5.5bn in 2019. These numbers get more validation from Salesforce's State of Marketing Report that says- 67% of marketing leaders are already using atleast one marketing automation platform....
How Online Surveys Can Boost Your Content Marketing
Written November 08, 2018, by Dann Albright
When you think of the types of content used in content marketing, what do you think of? Blogs? Infographics? Videos? White papers? Case studies? These are great tools in your content marketing toolbox. But one type of content languishes, perennially...
Top 3 Content Marketing Mistakes That Will Strip You of Your Customers
Written September 13, 2018, by Mostafa Dastras
I have always had a problem with clients that didn’t want to spend much on content marketing but had decided to have it just because everybody else does. Their so-called “content managers” are a bunch of newbies who can’t even manage their inboxes, and...

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