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Conversational Emails: How to Write Marketing Emails that Convert
Written December 03, 2021, by Lori Wade
Last Updated: December 3, 2021One of the successful ways of communicating with your consumers and prospective clients globally is by using email. It takes more than just clicking the send button to guarantee that your recipient will take their time to...
How to Write Effective Survey Questions (With Examples)
Written November 22, 2021, by Jake Lester
Customer feedback is vital in any form of business. For one to truly know what the customers think of your products or services, you have to evaluate their loyalty and happiness.So how do you collect this information?One of the most effective methods...

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17 Bad Survey Questions and Survey Design Mistakes
Written October 11, 2021, by Gloria Kopp
Writing a survey is one of the best ways to get information on your customers and your target market.  Whether you’re trying to figure out the best way to sell your next product or service or looking for ways on how to improve your existing experience,...
Survey Introduction Examples That Actually Work
Written June 22, 2017, by Rens Deckers
Writing a solid survey introduction is not a waste of time. You’ve created a survey and you need answers. Preferably without respondents going “NOPE” at seeing the word “survey” in their mailbox. It’s your one window to get in, create a feeling...
7 Tips to Master the Human Language in Surveys
Written March 24, 2016, by Nigel Lindemann
Improve Your Survey with Humanized Questions Asking the right questions can be quite a tricky thing to do. Researchers have to be really clear and precise about what they want to know. This often results in questions like: “Based on any advertising,...
6 ways to make your surveys more conversational
Written July 13, 2015, by Sofie Nelen
Do you want to watch your response rate grow? Start talking! People don’t like taking long & difficult surveys. But they do like sharing their opinions during an interesting conversation. So let's start engaging them and make our surveys more conversational....

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