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Finding a Job You Love with a Competency Assessment [Case Study]
Written August 29, 2021, by Mark Penson
Being happy, engaged and successful in your career. That’s what everybody wants. Yet, in this day and age it’s difficult to make people feel connected or excited about their jobs. Disengaged workers cost the U.S. $483 billion to $605 billion each year...
How (and Why!) to Start Using Training Evaluations
Written July 12, 2021, by Mark Penson
Have you ever walked out of a classroom and thought “What did we actually learn in class just now?” and just couldn’t remember? Nothing is more frustrating or tiresome than attending a training that isn’t relevant, interesting OR effective.Now turn that...

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Are You Hiring the Right Person? 5 Assessments You Can Use to Find Out.
Written May 17, 2019, by Laura Cueva
Whether you’ve hired 100 people or you’re looking for your first employee, the job never gets any easier. How do you know if someone will be the right fit? It’s a difficult task - you have to find the perfect balance of skills, knowledge, personality,...
How to Boost Employee Coaching Efficiency Using Surveys or Questionnaires
Written April 26, 2018, by Heather Cameron
A little while ago I was attending a conference on manager training and how you can effectively use employee coaching. The speaker talked about coaching techniques and using open-ended questioning and the like. This got me thinking about how using surveys...
How to Boost Knowledge Retention With Interactive Quizzes
Written September 14, 2017, by Sofie Nelen
Knowledge retention is both the success factor and the biggest challenge for a training. What’s the point of investing in the training and development of your employees if they don’t recall any of it? And how do you follow up over longer periods of...
Getting Real-time Feedback from Employees
Written August 02, 2014, by admin
Knowing how satisfied employees are is much easier when you keep in touch. From uncovering simmering crises to simply strengthening HR-employee relationships—communication is key. When employees know their input is valued, their satisfaction will be greater....

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