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How To Make a Personality Quiz
Written May 12, 2021, by Chanty Hyder
Have you ever wondered how people make those fun personality quizzes? You know the kind… "Which type of dog are you?" or… "What color has your aura?" So, how to make a personality quiz? Well, in this article we’re taking an in-depth look at personality...
Best Marketing Automation Software Compilation: The 7 Best Tools
Written June 27, 2019, by Jnana Rao
The marketing automation industry is expected to touch $5.5bn in 2019. These numbers get more validation from Salesforce's State of Marketing Report that says- 67% of marketing leaders are already using atleast one marketing automation platform....

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The Importance of Surveys and User Feedback in Conversion Rate Optimization
Written July 26, 2018, by Robin Nichols
I was speaking recently at a conference with well-known consumer psychologist Bart Schutz. When asked about making assumptions in the context of conversion rate optimization, his face lit up with energy: “Assuming is one of our biggest enemies.” He...
How To Use Interactive Content To Boost Engagement And Increase Time On Site
Written July 19, 2018, by Senko Duras
Static content and regular blog posts are often no longer sufficient to engage website visitors and boost time on site. Visitors expect your content to be interactive, at least to some extent, and website owners should explore their options to provide...
How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with Instagram Polls
Written July 03, 2018, by Hugh Beaulac
No matter what your business is, focusing on customer retention is a proven way to grow revenue. Although it's important to attract new customers, selling to them can cost five times more than satisfying and keeping current ones. And to give your customer...
How to Make Sales and Marketing Work Seamlessly Together
Written June 21, 2018, by Warren Fowler
A person can get themselves into trouble by confusing a salesperson with one who works in marketing. They are most certainly not the same thing as, and such should not be confused with one another. While the war wages on between the two departments,...

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