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Essential Guide to Writing Effective Survey Questions
Written June 07, 2018, by Jake Lester
Customer feedback is vital in any form of business. For one to truly know what the customers think of your products or services, you have to evaluate their loyalty and happiness. So how do you collect this information? One of the most effective methods...
How to Make a GDPR Compliant Survey
Written May 17, 2018, by Stefan Debois
The GDPR is here. You know it and no doubt your mailbox knows it as well! We’re sure you’ve read enough about the definition and the impact of the GDPR. It’s time to get to the specifics of how to battle the beast. This data protection law by the EU...

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How to Boost Employee Coaching Efficiency Using Surveys or Questionnaires
Written April 26, 2018, by Heather Cameron
A little while ago I was attending a conference on manager training and how you can effectively use employee coaching. The speaker talked about coaching techniques and using open-ended questioning and the like. This got me thinking about how using surveys...
5 Types of Questions That Influence Your Survey Accuracy
Written February 22, 2018, by Lesley Vos
One of the most popular research tools to find answers to business questions, surveys, are yet controversial:Some specialists insist survey results can't be valid because of a cognitive bias human brains experience while answering survey questions.Short...
4 Recent Data-Driven Marketing Trends And How To Use Them
Written February 01, 2018, by Alexander Bickov
There’s no doubt that data has the potential of becoming your most valuable marketing resource. The most successful marketers are already tracking their campaigns and collecting relevant data on a daily basis. This is because having the right information...
HTML5 vs Native Apps: Which One's Better?
Written January 16, 2018, by Ekaterina Novoseltseva
The growth in HTML5 enthusiasts, programmers and content creators is impressive. But only few people, recognize how much there is to learn about HTML5 to truly realize its “write once, run everywhere” promise. But first, let’s get back to basics and...

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