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9 Types of Surveys You Should Start Using Today
Written October 19, 2017, by Sofie Nelen
While there are many tools available, it’s still a good idea as a business to rely on various types of survey methods to discover what customers want. Whether it's a market research survey, customer feedback survey, or audit survey, businesses know these...
How we collected 5458 emails at a 4-day event with a digital scratch card contest
Written September 08, 2015, by Stefan Debois
How exciting! You’re an exhibitor with a booth at an event. You’ve got your product displayed just right, your booth looks inviting and now you’re ready to welcome hundreds of possible prospects. So what’s the easiest and most qualitative way to collect...

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How to unbore the common survey in 6 steps
Written July 24, 2015, by Sofie Nelen
It’s summertime, the weather is fine and we’d rather be screaming our hearts out in a brand new, mega scary roller coaster than sitting in front of our computer screens. The thrill of the fall, the butterflies, the genuine fear of losing one shoe along...
Embedded quizzes and surveys
Written July 22, 2015, by Sofie Nelen
The best way to discover what your customers really think and feel is to ask them while they’re “in the moment”. Our quiz maker software lets you create a short URL that can be integrated wherever you’d like it to be. Only, when your customers are using...
Survey Anyplace: Press Release
Written October 08, 2012, by admin
Antwerp, October 8, 2012 – Survey Anyplace is released! With this intuitive tool, everyone can create attractive mobile surveys and quizzes for the growing group of tablet and smartphone users. Mobile is the preferred technology to increase response rates...
Survey Anyplace Launched!
Written September 30, 2012, by admin
After months of hard work, today we have launched Survey Anyplace! Survey Anyplace is based on its successful predecessor Tabletquiz, currently used by all types of organizations, including marketing agencies, universities, food multinationals, hospitals,...

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