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How To Make a Personality Quiz
Written May 12, 2021, by Chanty Hyder
Have you ever wondered how people make those fun personality quizzes? You know the kind… "Which type of dog are you?" or… "What color has your aura?" So, how to make a personality quiz? Well, in this article we’re taking an in-depth look at personality...
Quiz Marketing: "My Cost per Lead is 25% of What Every Marketer Tells Me It Should Be" [Case Study]
Written July 10, 2020, by Iris De Geest
Quiz marketing is an important part of Krister Ungerböck's marketing strategy. He and his marketing agency use a quiz to build their email marketing list to redirect people into targeted landing pages. By segmenting his audience into different buyer persona...

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17 Great Examples of Quiz Landing Pages
Written October 14, 2019, by Israe Rhimi
Quizzes and assessments are increasingly used for lead generation nowadays. A CMI study revealed that 79% of marketers plan to use more interactive content including quizzes and assessments. What makes interactive content so attractive is its ability...

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