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Is Your Customer Acquisition Cost Too High? Learn How To Use Surveys to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
Written July 30, 2020, by Jason Quey
In the past five years, customer acquisition costs (CAC) have increased by over 50%.  Between increased marketing budgets, crowded marketing channels, and higher customer expectations, it’s becoming more expensive to get a new customer. If you want...
What’s the average survey response rate? [2019 benchmark]
Written August 08, 2019, by Nigel Lindemann
What is the average survey response rate? The short answer? 33%. The long answer is a bit more nuanced though. Since there is no agreed-upon minimum acceptable response rate, it will largely depend on how you go about creating, distributing,...

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How Surveys Can Help You Reach the Right Audience
Written August 09, 2018, by Kelly Abraham
Reaching your target audience is the Holy Grail of nearly every marketer. Ensuring your advertising campaigns are being seen by individuals that are the perfect prospects maximizes the effectiveness of your campaigns and ensures that your marketing budget...
How to Boost Employee Coaching Efficiency Using Surveys or Questionnaires
Written April 26, 2018, by Heather Cameron
A little while ago I was attending a conference on manager training and how you can effectively use employee coaching. The speaker talked about coaching techniques and using open-ended questioning and the like. This got me thinking about how using surveys...
Survey Questions: An Essential Guide to Survey Question Types
Written August 17, 2017, by Sofie Nelen
How to Choose the Most Effective Survey Question Types If you want to collect data effectively, a survey is still one of the most commonly used research methods. In this post, we’ll guide you through choosing great survey questions that are widely...
Survey Introduction Examples That Actually Work
Written June 22, 2017, by Rens Deckers
Writing a solid survey introduction is not a waste of time. You’ve created a survey and you need answers. Preferably without respondents going “NOPE” at seeing the word “survey” in their mailbox. It’s your one window to get in, create a feeling...

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