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Use this test maker to create your own tests with custom scoring, multiple outcomes and pesonalized feedback.  

Here’s how Survey Anyplace’s test maker can improve your professional training and coaching:

Your course is worth remembering, our test maker will make it happen

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The importance of tests in a training and educational environment

Tests incorporated in the classroom will enhance the learning experience for your students. Studies have shown that after 20 minutes students who simply studied the material had already forgotten 40%.

Can you imagine the results after two weeks, a month, a year?
That’s right, more than 90% is lost.

By implementing assessment tests into the learning process, you can slow this regression down, tremendously.

Here’s how test maker works:
To realize you are not fully remembering a concept, your brain has to make the mistake first hand.
By taking a test, you can actually see where your errors lie. Your brain then recognizes the mistake and updates the information.

Why use Survey Anyplace's tests & quizzes in your courses

Survey feedback
Get immediate feedback

The test maker shows which answers were right and wrong immediately after the test

survey participation
Increase participation

Increase participation in class with real-time results, address certain answers or spend more time on topics that your students struggle with

anonymous surveys

No fear of failure with anonymous answers. Plus they can improve their score by retaking the test, enhancing retention of the course material

core values quiz assessment components
Track progression

You can track the progression of all your students with our detailed reporting

6 Best practices of educational tests

Enhancing your tests with online test maker software

Survey Anyplace’s test maker has numerous features to make your tests more fun, interactive and educational:

To ease the process of making tests, we also made a nifty tool, the One-Click Quiz Maker. It’s a free online test maker with which you can create a quiz/test about any well-known person or company in 5 seconds flat. To adjust the questions, be sure to ‘claim’ your quiz at the end.

Test Maker
campaign test maker

Create a test for each of the chapters, dividing the course material in clear and structured bits, allowing for more in-depth questioning. If a student missed a lecture, or they’d like to retry to take a quiz they can easily access their personal portal to take all available quizzes.

Training and Test Maker Template

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