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AppAppeal listed Survey Anyplace in its ‘Most Popular Survey App’ worldwide ranking. The influential site AppAppeal based itself on Alexa website traffic to generate the survey popularity listing. View the complete AppAppeal survey tool ranking here.

In the product review, AppAppeal rated Survey Anyplace 5 out of 5 stars! It is the first ranked mobile tool in the list.

“Survey Anyplace is a great tool for anyone who needs to gather information from a group of people, ” says Shel Gatto from “The application is ideal for businesses and educational institutions who want to use their own branding as well as individuals working on personal projects.”

Read the complete review here.

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Meet the Writers
  • Sofie Nelen

    Digital Marketeer for Survey Anyplace - writing down tips and thoughts to unbore the common survey with a focus on marketing.

  • Stefan Debois

    As the CEO of Survey Anyplace, Stefan focuses on how to get the best results from the tool - preferably backed with real-life data.

  • Nigel Lindemann

    As a Digital Marketeer at Survey Anyplace, Nigel likes to share conventional and less conventional tips and tricks.

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