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Like any good surveyor, we’ve been listening to our customers.

In providing you the best way to capture reactions and opinions at the moment of experience, we’ve incorporated customer feedback into our newest version of Survey Anyplace’s Mobile Survey software. This new version makes it easier to create engagement and leverage the insights which are impossible to get through traditional techniques.

More Choices

designing a survey

You wanted choices? You got ’em! Our free plan now offers a choice of four different design templates, instead of just one. Want even more? Paid plan users can also customize their design.

Time Savings

If you’ve already created a quiz or survey you love, you can copy it to re-use as is, or to make slight edits to. This time-saving feature preserves the original, while giving you complete editing flexibility.

Survey Templates

Our new survey templates are effective ways to distribute best practices, e.g. for a product launch. Each template can be copied and adapted, of course! We will continuously add survey templates

Improved Desktop Experience

Internet Explorer users will see a more appealing appearance, thanks to the aesthetic re-tooling we’ve done specifically for them.

Re-shuffle and copy Questions

Want to just copy questions and answers one by one and re-shuffle their order? Go ahead. You can even sprinkle in new ones you come up with.

Updated Tutorial

Our new step-by-step Tutorial will help new users as well as experienced ones get the most out of our software. Turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you don’t.

Adjust transparency

Paid plan users can now fine-tune their surveys and quizzes right down to the degree of transparency of the floating Question and Answer window.

Carve out some time to play with the new bells and whistles we’ve added to our Mobile Survey software. If you feel like we missed something, let us know. We appreciate your feedback as much as you appreciate your customers’ feedback.

Thanks for using Survey Anyplace!

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