Training Evaluation Comes of Age Using Mobile Devices, Multimedia and Real-time Results

A Training evaluation can be used for multiple purposes:

  • To measure participants’ grasp of the curriculum
  • To determine the effectiveness of presenters, teachers and trainers
  • To validate instructors’ methodologies and to quantify individual and collective retention of the material.

Creating quizzes that learners take on their own mobile device gives educators and trainers a lot of benefits

Training evaluation example

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Use Training Evaluation surveys to:

  • Determine if important course topics have been correctly understood
  • Encourage audience participation
  • Ensure the quality of training and evaluate the trainers as well as the trainees
  • Coordinate and align efforts of your entire training staff
  • Continuously improve all aspects of training
  • Recognize and address training problems and opportunities immediately
  • Increase attendee satisfaction and productivity
  • Turn training evaluation into training collaboration

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Measure Training Effectiveness Through Mobile Surveys

Studies have shown that training programs can cause a significant drop in error rates, thus making your business more cost effective. Creating quizzes that learners take using their own smartphones and tablet computers gives educators and trainers an instant, automated way to determine if important course topics have been correctly understood. With clear, instant feedback, an instructor could literally re-address in the middle of a class an area the quiz revealed to be misunderstood by a majority of the class.

Get started with templates built for mobile, ready-to-use and fully branded with a single click

Training Evaluation template

Use a training evaluation template to create customized training evaluation tools quickly and easily
It’s easy for educators to create a powerful, flexible evaluation tool in just minutes. They simply enter their questions and answers online and add any photos, graphics, video or audio they desire. They can upload a logo and other branding elements that are automatically incorporated into the quiz design.

Simply select the training evaluation survey template from the template overview when creating a new survey and personalize the questions to your specific needs. Upload your logo and a single click will set our color detector at work to brand your survey with the correct colors. Quickly gather the data you need while you focus on discussing what really matters. Review results immediately within the tool and download them any time for deeper analysis, integrations into CRM or other systems.

3 Tips to Perfect Your Training Evaluation Survey

  1. Add photos, audio and video for a more thorough evaluation. Visual learners will be more engaged when questions relate to a photograph or an other graphic element. You can upload any media file up to 10 MB to create the most visually stunning surveys and quizzes.
  2. Ask the right questions. By using our template survey for training evaluation, you’ll have a strong base to work from. But be sure to spend enough time on defining what you want to know from your audience.
  3. Add some entertaining features like our digital scratchcard or slot machine. These quirky widgets will incentivize your audience to complete your survey and it will give them the chance to win something in return for their time.

Let course evaluations drive your training abilities to excellence

Create the best course evaluation with short, interactive surveys and quizzes.

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