An Interactive Mobile Data Collection Tool: Instantly Better

Online data collection tools assist marketers, sales reps & researchers in gathering contact details, demographics and other information about individuals. It’s used to develop everything from marketing strategies to communication tools, prospect follow-up, new products and much more. With Survey Anyplace you can:

  • Make your mobile data collection feel natural, unobtrusive and fun
  • Efficiently get qualitative in-the-moment feedback
  • Get more time to focus on personal interaction

event Data collection example survey

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Unbore On- and Offline Data Collection with Mobile Functionalities & Gamified Elements

Contests and incentives aren’t new tools to entice people to offer up their contact information. They are proven ways to stimulate interaction of event attendees with your data collection tool.

Survey Anyplace enables you to create engaging experiences that have all the bells and whistles with just a few clicks. You can easily add videos, cool animations, interactive scratch cards, animated slot machines, … Anything to unbore your questionnaire and spark the face-to-face engagement your data collection depends on.

Incentive Slot machine

Use a Mobile Data Collection Survey to:

  • Efficiently gather necessary info from customers and prospects while you focus on personal interaction
  • Get higher quality data by asking in-the-moment feedback 
  • Collect your data even when you’re offline! Store your results locally and have them automatically uploaded as soon as you’re connected
  • Increase your response rates by adding gamified and multi-media aspects: Everything from videos, selfie-uploads, to a digital scratch card or slot machine will brighten an often ‘dry’ survey and help you get the answers you need

Get started with templates built for mobile, ready-to-use and fully branded with a single click

Data collection survey template

Simply select the mobile data collection survey template from the template overview when creating a new survey and personalize the questions to your specific needs. Upload your logo and a single click will set our color detector at work to brand your survey with the correct colors. Quickly gather the data you need while you focus on discussing what really matters. Review results immediately within the tool and download them any time for deeper analysis, integrations into CRM or other systems.

4 Tips to Perfect and Unbore Your Mobile Data Collection Surveys

Whatever your business or industry, when putting together your data collection survey, remember to have a goal for the survey. Remembering the four Cs of survey design will increase your chances of getting your audience to respond to future efforts, too.

  1. Be Clear by telling the respondent exactly why you’re asking what you’re asking. They’ll appreciate being asked when they know how their information is going to be used.
  2. Be Clever and have a little fun. Be conversational. Use your customers’ language. Make them smile by adding audio and video into your survey. Ask them to rate things with our star, emoticons and sliders. It’ll all add up to a more engaged person willing to share more with you.
  3. Be Concise with short, well-worded questions. Use skip logic to limit the number of questions you have to ask a particular person, in that particular situation.
  4. Be Conscious of the person’s time. Don’t try to overdo it. Get the specific information you need, thank them and be done.

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