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6 Customer Satisfaction Metrics Businesses Should Be Measuring
Written September 07, 2021, by Guest Author
Using a variety of customer satisfaction metrics together can shape your corporate decisions. By keeping track of these six customer satisfaction metrics, you can continue to grow and develop your brand while looking out for your customers.
How to Write a Consulting Report: 6 Best Practices
Written August 27, 2021, by Guest Author
Consulting reports are an opportunity for consultants to prove their expertise in their industry. In this guide, we'll help you get started or improve your existing consulting reports.

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5 Cool Tricks on How to Raise Your Consulting Rates (and Get Clients to Accept Higher Fees)
Written August 12, 2021, by Guest Author
Work smarter - not harder: Instead of finding new clients, the better way to increase your revenue is to charge your existing clients more. However, it’s easier said than done. We've gathered 5 cool tricks to raise your consulting rates.
How Consultants Should Create Buyer Personas with Effective Assessments
Written July 16, 2021, by Guest Author
Defining buying personas results in prospects finding websites 2 to 5 times easier to use. Follow these tips to gather the right data and personalize your marketing efforts with assessments.
Employee Engagement Surveys: A Comprehensive Guide and Examples of Questions
Written July 14, 2021, by Stefan Debois
This guide explains the many aspects involved in employee engagement surveys. It describes the four different types of employee engagement surveys and provides question examples.
6 Steps To Win Clients For Your Consulting Business
Written July 08, 2021, by Guest Author
Consulting is a lucrative business. However, there is no manual that consultants can follow to achieve success. As a consultant, your portfolio is your biggest asset. Learn about the 6 essential steps to success in this article.

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