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How to Create Your Own Assessment: The Ultimate Guide
Written January 14, 2022, by Iris De Geest
In this article, we explain how to create an assessment for your business from scratch, with actionable tips derived from real-life situations. 
13 Digital Transformation Benefits for Consultancy Agencies
Written January 13, 2022, by Guest Author
Discover how consultancy agencies can benefit from digital transformation and automation to scale their business.

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A Consultant's Guide to Integrating Assessments In a Customer Journey Map
Written December 09, 2021, by Guest Author
Read on to learn how to integrate assessments in a customer journey map so you can survey clients to better understand your their unique experiences with your brand.
6 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote a Consulting Business
Written November 10, 2021, by Guest Author
Consultants should use Instagram to build presence. As the focus shifts to more advanced features for businesses in the pipeline, Instagram is primed to become a thriving marketplace.
5 Best Blended Learning Strategies for 2021
Written November 08, 2021, by Guest Author
Smart blended learning strategies allow you to combine both offline and online learning and teaching methods to ensure you achieve your training goals.
6 Tips to Help HR Leaders Evaluate Remote Work Readiness
Written October 21, 2021, by Guest Author
The key to creating a successful remote workforce is evaluation. Evaluate your business needs, employee needs, remote work readiness, and the impact on your business. Our six tips will help you carry out this assessment swiftly and accurately and support...

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