Business Assessment

A business assessment helps you to achieve your company’s goals, to expand and grow your business in a smart and strategic way.

The output of the business assessment helps to identify the critical areas of the strategic plan. Taking the first step in this process will put you on a path to running your business more strategically. Think of it as an MRI for your business that compares your business to your competition.

A business assessment will help you to:

business assessment template

The Importance of Business Assessments

To make it clear you don’t have to point out everything that’s wrong with your business. You have to look at it as a way to identify opportunities to grow your business. As an entrepreneur you have to make your own SWOT- analysis. But what does SWOT mean? Well, you have to look at your company ’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, this is exactly what the business assessment does.

A regular business valuation is beneficial to your success as an entrepreneur, knowing what makes your business valuable and desirable to potential buyers can steer you in the right direction and keep your business healthy throughout the years. This Business Assessment Template gives a good indication of what buyers will look at when buying your business.

Why Is Survey Anyplace the Perfect
Business Assessment Tool?

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White Label Your Business Assessment

No trace of Survey Anyplace anywhere! Custom URLs and custom branding options make mobile surveys look like a custom-made native app. All thanks to our white label option.

Custom scoring
Quality Question Types & Features

Choose from a 21 different question types to get the feedback you need. Use building blocks like Image choice, Smiley Rating, Media Files or Skip Logic to build truly engaging experiences.

Serious Set-Up Functionalities

Build and craft your assessments to take on every kind of situation. Awesome features like Offline Mode, Multiple Languages or Save and Continue will make creating your assessment feel like a dream!

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Personalized Business Evalution Report

Send a personalized report immediately at the end of the business assessment. No rigid PDF report that cramp your style, but alternate between solid and variable text, graphs, and images.

Give this Business Assessment Template a Try

To use this sample business assessment, sign up for Survey Anyplace , and choose ‘Business Assessment’ as template when creating a new survey.

Tips on How to Conduct a Successful Business Assessment

  1. Be truthful when evaluating the condition of your business. It’s really in the best interest of your business to be objective during the business assessment process to get a clear, honest answer of what’s really going on in your organization. If it becomes too difficult to remain objective, you can always ask for help from a trusted advisor.
  2. Write down your progress. Give yourself credit for your achievements. Remember, a business assessment is not to beat you up for the business development that awaits you. Growing a business is an ongoing learning opportunity.
  3. Identify the next best piece of business development. Select the one or two opportunities you can achieve within the next three months. It will become too overwhelming if you focus on too many aspects at once.
  4. Repeat the business assessment process quarterly. Business assessments should be done periodically and should be included in your business planning cycle. By building a business assessment practice into your quarterly planning, it guides you through the growth and development of the essentials needed to grow your business to success.
  5. A business assessment should be designed to identify problems clearly to address things that you can change, and evaluate the impact of things you cannot.

Business Assessment Questions

A business assessment is only as strong as its questions. That’s why we’ve grouped together the most important business assessment questions based on actual business assessment created in our tool.

It is essential that the assessment gives carefully tailored feedback depending on the responses. Our assessment software scoring capabilites enables you to score every question and answer according to the importance of their role in determining business value.

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