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Why Using Quizzes for Email Collection Is So Effective:

1. A quiz delivers a highly-personalized experience. Our quiz maker offers features like Custom Scoring and Skip Logic, that provide great segmentation in how the survey can be taken. Each respondent has the feeling of taking a ‘personalized quiz’, with results and product offerings that perfectly suit their needs.

2. A quiz naturally stimulates human curiosity, the fact that your audience learns something (about themselves) is a great little psychological reward.

3. Lead generation quizzes have an incredibly low threshold for participating: the added fun-factor and short, easily digested blocks of content make anyone feel at ease – making respondents that much more likely to want to further the conversation with your business by sharing their email.

A Quiz Maker with ideal features for lead generation

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Personalized PDF Reports

People take quizzes to learn something about themselves. Survey Anyplace’s comprehensive PDF report lets you share only the insights, information and feedback your respondents needs based on his answers.

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A quiz with a custom layout that reflects your business generates higher response rates and improves brand recognition. Remove all references to Survey Anyplace, use your own fonts, colors and logo’s or even white label your survey URL. Everything’s possible with our white label solution.

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Variable End Messages

Create a highly personalized quiz by showing end screens based on your lead’s responses


Automatically transfer your newly collected emails to your CRM or any other app via Zapier.

6 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Lead Generation Quiz

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