Skills Assessment

Skills assessments help ensure employers hire candidates with the right skill set required for the job. These tests not only help narrow the candidate pool, they ensure the candidates are knowledgeable and have the experience required of them on the job. 

Use a Skills Assessment to:

Skills assessment

What is a Skills Assessment?

Hiring new employees can be a daunting task, with hundreds – sometimes thousands – of applications and a slew of candidates eager to join your team. While there is a learning curve for even the most qualified employees starting in a new role, they need to possess a basic set of skills in order to be successful and happy within the position. The same goes for loyal employees who are taking on different roles within the business. Skills assessments ensure that the candidates and existing employees have a solid understanding and ability to perform the tasks required of them on the job. 

Skills assessments are also helpful to candidates deciding if they want to pursue a specific role within a business. It provides a window into what will be expected of them with their day-to-day work as well as insight into the big picture of their potential position. 

Why is ReportR the perfect tool for your skills assessment?

ReportR allows you to build individual as well as “grouped/overview” reports. 

You can build personalized feedback reports for both assessment takers and the assessment host. You can create a report with more insight and explanation why someone is or isn’t suitable for the job. This way you save a lot of time when going through dozens of potential candidates. When you’ve gone through all the candidates, you can send a different report to the assessment tool, with for example the top 5 or top 10 candidates.

Why use Survey Anyplace as a
Skills Assessment Tool?

survey reporting
Comprehensive Reports

With ReportR, you’ll receive specialized PDF reports detailing candidates’ responses.

Use Intelligent Integrations

Automatically transfer all data to all your favorite tools and apps via Zapier.

personal interaction
Immediate Feedback

Find out straight away if a candidate is suitable and automatically provide them with a useful feedback report regarding needed training and development.

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White Label Option

Remove any mention of Survey Anyplace with our White Label option.

Skills Assessment Questions

Skills assessment

The goal of your assessment is to make sure the candidate has a basic understanding and skill required for the position. You want to make sure your test questions cover all aspects of the job – from the repetitive parts to the strategy.

Tips to create a great Skills Assessment

  1. Make sure your survey design is clean and questions are straight forward. Your candidates are most likely filling out dozens of applications, so you want to make sure you make your assessment clear as possible as not to take up too much time.
  2. Brand your assessment with the company colors and style to make the assessment look professional. Remember, you are trying to market your company to this candidate as much as they are trying to market themselves to you! This is your opportunity to give them a taste of your business and what they can expect from it.
  3. Vary the question types to keep participants engaged and focused. Your applicants are busy – and most likely stressing about landing their next big career move. Assessments with varied questions will prevent them from zoning out and concentrating elsewhere.

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