What will you think of next? New features, new uses.

One thing we’ve discovered about Survey Anyplace customers is that the more they use it, the more they want it to do the next time. They’re a lot like us! We’re constantly anticipating what smart marketers, training professionals and other users will want next. And we adapt Survey Anyplace to stay one step ahead.

This post is about the next batch of enhancements to the tool you can use to tap your audience’s feelings and feedback like no other.

At the end, we include a story about how one of our customers pressed us into service to learn invaluable insights in a most creative way.

Skip Logic (Branching)


More of you than ever are converting to one of our Paid Plans to take advantage of branding opportunities, and enhanced functions. Like our new Skip Logic function that lets respondents skip from one question to another based on their answer. True to our form, we’ve made it easy to use this new feature, which you’ll find at the top of the “Enter Questions” screen in the Survey Anyplace Editor. Professional surveys are now easier to build!

Detailed Reports

When you present the results from a Survey Anyplace survey to an audience, sometimes you might want to show the details of a specific question. Now you can! By clicking on a specific graph in the “Summary by Question” on the Results screen, you will see the complete list of responses to that question. This also includes the free text answers if applicable. You’ll not only have insights, you’ll have proof!

Skip Intro Screen

You can save your respondents time if you don’t need the info on the Intro Screen. Because now you can skip it altogether. Lowering the barriers….

Auto Redirect after 10 seconds

We know the power and simplicity of using Survey Anyplace on tablets, at conventions and other events. And because sometimes the guy in front of the next respondent forgets to hit “back to start”, you now have the option to let the survey return to the start screen if there’s no input for 10 seconds. Now your screen will always be welcoming!

Publicly Available Reports

Want to make your reports easy to access? We’ll give you the possibility to enable access to the Results section without user and password. You can simply send the link to people you want to share the results with. After a period of time you define, you can turn it off, making your results private again. Best of both worlds.

Our Customer Story

event survey

Read how Amsterdam-based marketing agency Daily Bread harnessed the unique, in-the-moment power of Survey Anyplace to get personal insights from 250 people…in 3 cities…WITH photographs…between breakfast and dinner! Let it push your limits! Read more…

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