White label surveys are just one of the brandable tools we offer agencies

  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

  • White label surveys enable you to replace all Survey Anyplace graphic elements with your or your client brand’s logo, colors and other graphic elements.
    Try our sample White Label Survey via following link: su.vc/wlabel

    Mobile surveys, branded survey URLs, results pages and reports give agencies profitable options

    White label surveys let agencies, consultants and others leverage professional surveys without having to incur the full expense of creating the survey from scratch. By using a proven software and infrastructure, organizations can realize significant financial, manpower and time savings when creating surveys for their clients. These savings are compounding by marking up the survey to its market value and billing that amount to the client.

    It’s a win-win scenario, as agencies and consultancies find a new revenue source, and their clients get professionally created surveys to collect feedback from customers, prospects, competitors and more. For the provider, the easier the survey is to put their own label on, the more profitable the survey can be. Today’s technologies make customizing them point-and-click simple.

    The URL respondents use to access the survey or quiz can be re-directed from any URL—for branding opportunities from the very start. An invitation to take a survey written on a product label, literature or advertising can be a variation of a brand’s well-known URL or can be a unique, memorable one specific to its surveys.

    Not all white label surveys are created equal

    To be of any true value to an end client, white label surveys must provide valuable, actionable information that will make them more competitive, like any good survey. But paper surveys, and now even online surveys, suffer from poor response rates. And the quality of that feedback is limited by the lag time between a person’s experience with a product or service and when they’re asked about their experience with it.

    Technology is changing the way marketers and organizations survey their various audiences. And no technology is driving that change more than the explosive growth of mobile devices. Nearly everyone carries a smartphone or a tablet. Many, of course, carry both. These portable computers provide the perfect platform for marketers, event planners and organizations of many descriptions to collect feedback in an unprecedented manner.

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