White Label Surveys: Custom Solutions For Your Brand

White label surveys let agencies, consultants and others leverage professional surveys without the full expense of creating them from scratch.

  • Remove all original branding from surveys or quizzes and replace it with your own brand identity or that of a customer
  • Get a custom URL, branded online reports and PDF reports

A great new revenue source for agencies or consultants, and clients get professionally created, well-performing surveys to collect feedback. Survey Anyplace makes customizing point-and-click simple.

Whitelabel Survey

Create a custom survey with your own branding

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Use White Label Surveys to:

  • Create surveys for your clients with a trustworthy, flexible tool that looks like it’s your own. With access to ready-made widgets, templates and the most effective question types.
  • Reflect your brand experience in surveys and quizzes in just a few clicks and make them look custom made.
  • Increase trustworthiness by using your own domain and, as a result, get higher response rates.
  • Give clients (password protected) access to fully branded, custom reports.
  • Manage all your survey users and data in one place.

A Complete White Label Survey Tool: 3 Options to Fit Your Needs

To be of any true value to an end client, white label surveys must provide valuable, actionable information that will make them more competitive, like any good survey. the quality of that feedback is limited by the lag time between a person’s experience with a product or service and when they’re asked about their experience with it. Survey Anyplace offers white label surveys and quizzes purpose-built for mobile devices; but they also work seamlessly on desktop computers and laptops. Perfect for collecting in-the-moment, higher quality feedback!

Survey Anyplace offers more than just visual customization of its surveys and quizzes. To earn the survey industry’s label as most customizable, Survey Anyplace also offers brand-specific URLs, and white label online results pages and even PDF reports.

1. Branded surveys with a Survey Anyplace URL

The surveys’ visual appearance (logo, colors) can be adapted to the brand identity of the client. The survey URL still includes the ‘surveyanyplace.com’ domain. The results pages have the same gorgeous branding as your surveys or quizzes, but will still contain the Survey Anyplace logo.

PDF reports are yours and yours alone, no Survey Anyplace branding, but your own logo instead! Online results can be shared with the client through a specific URL, with or without access code. Available from the Essential plan and up. Take a look at our pricing plans!

2. Enterprise White Label Plan:
Branded surveys & branded URL on the Survey Anyplace domain

All functionalities as the above as well as a specific client URL to access the surveys. This means that the surveys are accessible under a Survey Anyplace-URL based on the agency’s domain or their specific preferences.
For example:
or yourcompany.vcq.cv/s/titleofyoursurvey

Publicly available reports have the Survey Anyplace URL, but your survey’s branding. They can be shared with the client through a specific URL, with or without access code. This option of reporting is perfect if your company is the only one that needs to access the data, but you need to provide a client or partner with some of the collected results.

Try a publicly available report here. 

white label reporting

3. Enterprise White Label Plus Plan
Branded surveys, URL, reporting & editor, all on your own domain

The real deal! All functionalities as mentioned above as well as a branded version of the Survey Anyplace Editor and publicly available reports. This means that the surveys are accessible under a URL based entirely on your domain and any additional factors you’d like to include.  The URL could be: subdomain.yourcompany.com/s/titleofyoursurvey

Both the editor and publicly available reports in this White Label Plus Plan will be branded with your own logo and two corporate colors. This option is perfect if you want to adjust your questionnaires with a client present, or if you need to share your reports with people outside your company.

Perfect for those who need white label reports or when you want to adjust your questionnaires with a client present, or if you need to share your reports with people outside your company.

Create your own survey app and sell it to your clients with our whitelabeled survey templates

whitelabel surveys

Simply select the template you need from the overview and personalize the questions to your client’s specific needs. Upload your logo and a single click will set our color detector at work to brand your survey with the correct colors. Review results immediately within the tool and download them any time for deeper analysis, integrations into CRM or other systems.

One of our clients – South-African consulting firm Dajo Associates – used our white label software to create a fully branded survey app for their clients.

Use our white label software for a complete brand reflection across all your surveys

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