Mobile engagement becomes standard operating procedure

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  • A Mobile Survey is the ideal way to create engagement and capture feedback from your audience, during the experience with your product or service.
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    Mobile engagement is meaningful connectedness that organizations and brands create with and among their customers, prospects and employees using ever-present mobile phones and tablets. How present? More than a billion people own at least one mobile device. Smart phones now outsell cell phones. An estimated 375 million tablets will be sold in 2016, bringing to 760 million the total number of tablets that will be in use then. Clearly, if you seek meaningful engagement with your audience, you’ll be doing much of it via mobile device.

    The word “mobile” describes not only the devices but also the lifestyle of the majority of your audiences. The ability to engage with your audience via their mobile device—wherever they happen to be—is critical. As you’ll see, it also becomes a game-changing opportunity for you.

    Making mobile engagement meaningful for you, too

    As your audience spends more time and does more things on mobile devices, many of the traditional methods of interacting with them will no longer be viable. Worse still, these outdated tools could be liabilities to organizations and brands that wait to make the transition to mobile in step with their audiences.

    Mobile is changing everything, including the ways we stay in touch with what customers, prospects and community members are thinking. Consider the image you convey if you use a paper survey, for example, with someone accustomed to swiping a touch screen countless times a day: definitely not a meaningful way to engage with your audience.

    Mobile technology allows marketers, researchers and employers to create real and meaningful mobile engagement in environments different from the traditional one in front of a desktop computer. Your consumers, prospects and employees are on the move—and they’re carrying powerful little computers that allow you to actually harness that mobility, and learn from it!

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