Z-Scanner FAQ

How to install and use Z-Scanner

All visitors get a badge during the Spielwaremesse exhibition. This badge holds a QR code which allows you, as an exhibitor, to save the contact details of your visitor and complete these contact details with answers to specific questions and comments.
The procedure is very simple: You scan the QR code on the badge of your visitor using a smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android and Windows). Go through the questionnaire you have created yourself in advance, and add extra comments. You can consult and download the information you gather via this method at any time, via a secure web application.
Important note: For optimal use, you need to activate your mobile devices and run some test of the surveys before the start of the exhibition.

The Z-Scanner Mobile license is offered to you for €129 for the first mobile device. If you like to use more than one device, an extra cost of €79 per device will be charged on top of the first license. The licenses will be valid until the end of the exhibition.

You can order this product through the Online Service Center of Spielwarenmesse® 2016, in / Marketing & Press / Advertisement, Promotion / Z-Scanner
After you’ve made your purchase you get an e-mail with a number of access codes. These access codes are used to activate the software on your devices. One access code authorizes the use of the software on one device during the period of the exhibition.

To scan the badges of your visitors, you first have to install the Spielwaremesse app on your device. Then you activate the questionnaire.

1. Installing the Spielwaremesse app

Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘spielwaremesse’. Install the app on your Apple or Android device: this can be a smartphone or tablet. You can install the app on more than one device if you have purchased multiple Z-Scanner licenses.

2. Activating Z-Scanner

Make sure the device has access to the internet via Wifi or a Data network. Open the Spielwaremesse app and choose ‘QR Code Reader’.

Scan the QR code below to activate the questionnaire.

The following screen will appear.

Now enter one of the access codes you received via e-mail.
Note: An access code is only valid for one device; for every new device you have to buy an extra access code.
The access code only has to be entered during the first scan. Afterwards you get redirected to the questionnaire automatically.
Next, you’ll see the first screen of the questionnaire:

You do not have to fill in the dat; click on ‘Start’ (If you scan the QR codes on the badges of the visitors, their details –First name, last name – will be inserted here automatically). To go to the next question you can press ‘Next’ in the lower right corner, or swipe horizontally over the screen. You answer the questions at random (give this is only a test). Then press ‘complete’ after the last (3rd) question.
From now on, the results of the questionnaire will be saved in a central system ( web application). You’ll see a ‘Thank you for your participation’ screen, where you will have to click on ‘QR Code Reader’ in the upper right corner. This button takes you back to the intro screen, where you can scan a new QR code of a badge of a visitor.

The results of the questionnaire can be consulted real-time via the web application. The detailed data of the visitors (email addresses, etc.) will be available one week after the exhibition.
The e-mail you’ve been sent, contains a username (your e-mail address) and a password, which you can use to log in on the Survey Anyplace application. You can access this application by entering the link below in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari of Firefox) on your personal desktop.


The overview screen looks like this:

You can take a look at the results by clicking on ‘Reports’ in the menu on the left of the screen.
‘Results By Question’ will give you the results per question, in a graph and table.
‘Results By Respondent’ shows the answers per respondent.

By clicking on ‘Detail’, you can consult the answers to a specific question. The results of the test can be deleted by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button.
Important note: When you look at the test data you’ll only see ‘First Name, Last Name and ID Number’. When the QR code on the badge of the visitor is scanned, you will see the extra information of the visitor (e-mail, address, function, …) as well; this information will only be available a week after the end of the exhibition.
To download the results, click on ‘CSV File’ and ‘Download Normal CSV’.

The CSV file can be converted to Excel. For more details on how to convert the CSV, click here.

The questions can be adjusted in the web application and the changes are immediately visible in the questionnaire on the mobile device once you refresh the page.
To make changes, go to https://app.surveyanyplace.com and log in with your username and password you’ve received via mail. Go to ‘Survey’ and click on ‘Questions’. In the ‘Editor’ you can make changes. When ready, click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom-right of the screen.

Note: You can choose 4 questions maximum. If you like to add more questions or change other settings, get in contact with Survey Anyplace (info@surveyanyplace.com) for a custom quote.
When you go to ‘Survey’ and click on ‘Distribute’, you’ll see a list of the access codes you purchased and whether or not you’ve already used them.